Hamish Cargill's Eventful Life

With Christmas nearly here Hamish Cargill takes a look at the two golden rules for equestrian enthusiasts – one of which might involve visiting a good jewellers shop!

It's the night before cross country when all through the park the fences look bigger when seen in the dark .... Hamish Cargill looks towards cross country day at the Australian International 3 Day Event

Hamish Cargill takes a look at the attraction of going eventing especially in the snow!

William Fox-Pitt

As  William Fox-Pitt is unable to bring a horse to the Australian Three Day Event in Adelaide, Hamish Cargill suggests some other activities which will help to keep him busy

Hamish Cargill


Hamish Cargill is consumed by the eventing baby boom and opportunities it could provide for others.

One of eventing's favourite personalities tells us about the recent changes in his life, along with the pros and cons