Horse management

Saddle fitting

While you have been relaxing and eating a bit too much over the Christmas period, the same may be true of your horse. It’s time to check that your saddle is fitting your horse correctly

We've finally found an app that is useful! This device, combined with a downloadable app, provides a mobile and wireless veterinary heart monitor that can produce ECGs in the palm of your vet’s hand via an iPhone

The World Anti-Doping Code 2015 has been substantially revised, resulting in a new version, effective 1 January 2015. To comply with the WADA Code, the FEI’s equine and human anti-doping rules have also been significantly amended

Hve you checked recently if your bridle is fitting correctly? Liz Daniels of the British Grooms Association gives a quick refresher in this video


The new competition season is just around the corner so it’s time to look at some areas you may need to brush up on (or off) such as tack, new rules, transport, training and, of course, your horse

Deb Pace tells us more about the use of acupuncture for horses and in this video shows us the treatments used on Nicole Stewart’s 2* eventing horse Bells Park Archibald Prize

Jenna Kelley was awarded the National Emergency Medal for her work in the 2009 Victorian fires known as 'Black Saturday' and is the founder of the Walking Forward Disaster Relief Team – here are her tips to prepare your property, your animals and yourself for this bushfire season

Plaiting a horse's mane

Jimmie Schramm shows three types of plaiting (or braiding as our US friends like to say) in another great Evention video

The Baucher is a bit that is discussed amongst riders with questions such as - does the Baucher bit apply poll pressure or not, is it a leverage bit and should it be permitted as a snaffle in competition? Anita Marchesani takes a look at the Baucher bit

After your horse has given his all, we can step in and give him everything he needs nutritionally to support his recovery; Zoe Fieldhouse of eQuus Care Nutrition explains how and why