Horse management

Horse bits

Bitting guru Anita Marchesani looks at the 7 pressure points on the horse that can be influenced by bitting options to transmit the rider’s aids and communicate our wishes

Easter treats for horses

Which one of these would you give your horse this Easter (and which one could be toxic)?

An interesting guide to assessing equine soft tissue problems, particularly in the back area

Horse bit problems

Bitting guru Anita Marchesani starts a new series about some very common myths and misunderstandings around horse bits and asks you to tell her what myths you would like busted?

Tinney Eventing Carlchen

A new horse arriving from overseas is always an exciting prospect - we asked Karen Tinney to explain some of the areas they paid close attention to in bringing their new horses home to Sydney from Germany

Naomi Leahy

Another of our ‘can't do without’ items – Naomi Leahy named a towel as hers, simply for it’s multi-purpose abilities

Chris Burton Graf Liberty syndicate

Owning an event horse can be a rewarding and exciting involvement in the sport but it can also be costly and sometimes fraught with difficulties. We take a look at syndication which is becoming a popular way of sharing the costs, and the joy, of being an eventing horse owner

How to plait your horses mane with thanks to the British Grooms Association

Take a look at a short video that will help you, and your horse, achieve a neatly pulled mane

The eggbutt horse bit

Bitting guru Anita Marchesani explains the difference between a loose ring and an eggbutt snaffle, and the benefits of both for horse and rider