Horse management

Equestrian NSW announce a policy which will mean that all horses attending EA/FEI eventing in NSW have to be fully protected against Hendra Virus

Cheltenham gag bit

Bitting guru Anita Marchesani looks at the various Gag bits, their effects and how top eventing riders use them on their horses

Dom Schramm eventing horse training

US based Aussie eventer Dom Schramm gives some great advice for retraining off the track thoroughbreds in this 3 part video series from EventionTV

Andaway Equine Ambulance

We take a look at the special features of the Andaway Equine Ambulance which was on hand, but thankfully not required, at the Melbourne International 3 Day Event

Biosecurity Queensland is managing a new Hendra virus incident near the Gold Coast hinterland after positive test results were received late Thursday night last week.

Erika Grant

Although we could only have eight winners of our recent Mitavite competition, we loved many of the entries and we thought they deserved a mention too

Biosecurity Queensland is managing a new Hendra virus case in the Brisbane Valley after a positive test result was received late last night.

Clara Palm started her career by doing a degree in 'Management in Leisure' but is now an Equine Chiropractor - so what led her to change career paths

Our final Mitavite winner is, fittingly enough as it is Tattersalls this week, an Irish Sport Horse called Paddy

Peri the coloured eventing horse

We figure that Peri's owner deserves to win this week's Mitavite Performance Pack just for dealing with four white legs and a green face nearly every morning