Eventing Interviews

Libby Law

Ever wanted to know what life is like for an international eventing photographer? Find out from Libby Law as she looks back on 2013

Jonty Evans and Andrew Nicholson

Two of our favourite eventers in a bit of banter ............. great fun. Wish we'd asked Andrew about his favourite underpants in our recent interview


Lizzie Brown eventing

"You have to keep believing in yourself and get up every day to do your job, train hard and be a nice person” says New Zealand eventer Lizzie Brown when we talked to her recently about living in the UK, her horses and winning at Boekelo

We asked Kate Ackland what was her ‘I can’t do without item’ at an event

We talk to Winks Armstrong about her early days, her role as a mother to eventing daughters Emma and Bols and how she came to be a dressage judge

Oakley Groover, who Rebel Morrow rode at the Athens Olympics, had the same dam as Rebel's current 4* horse Hillgrove Enviable but Rebel admits that 'Enny' is quite different from the laid back Groover

Andrew Nicholson

A rare treat - we get to chat with Andrew Nicholson when he is not flat out competing. An insight to his recent success, owners, the breeding of his horses and the best young horse he has ever had

Bek Thompson, the woman behind Chris Burton, enjoys some catch up time with friends

We find out what happened to Lara Pizimolas who was one of the casualties of the recent Australian International 3 Day Event

Stuart Tinney Annapurna

We find out more about Stuart Tinney’s two rides in Adelaide, Pluto Mio and Annapurna, that topped the CCI4* and CCI2* leader board at the end of the cross country phase