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Eventing Interviews

Bek Thompson, the woman behind Chris Burton, enjoys some catch up time with friends

We find out what happened to Lara Pizimolas who was one of the casualties of the recent Australian International 3 Day Event

Stuart Tinney Annapurna

We find out more about Stuart Tinney’s two rides in Adelaide, Pluto Mio and Annapurna, that topped the CCI4* and CCI2* leader board at the end of the cross country phase

Although Rose Palm’s children, Robert and Clara, are all grown up she still takes great delight in helping them out at events whenever she can and in her spare time she enjoys a spot of team penning!

Chris Burton and Bek Thompson are soaking up the sun at Byron Bay before heading back to the British winter to begin their preparations for 2014

Paul Tapner

We talked to Paul Tapner just before he headed back to the UK about the Australian International 3 Day Event, Chris Burton’s win (“The man is a genius”) and what the next few months hold for Tapner Eventing

James Deacon and Kirby Park Irish Jester

At the 2012 Australian International 3 Day Event, an Australian equine legend was retired from his competitive career – Kirby Park Irish Jester. We find out what he has been up to in the past year

Ben Leahy enjoyed some time in UK this year working with Harry Meade and is excited to be going back again next year

Belfast Mojito and Sonja Johnson

One of the most famous of Australian Stock Horses is Sonja Johnson’s Ringwould Jaguar – is Belfast Mojito, owned by Rebecca Bell and ridden by Sonja, set to follow in his hoof prints?

We speak to Lisa Oakley from Gow Gates Insurance and discover someone who is not only up on insurance but also knows about horses