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Horse & Rider Training Tips

"Good riding is not about big jump after big jump, it is about consistent, meticulous detail" Here are some of the flatwork and jumping exercises set by George Morris in his recent clinic

Gemma Tattersall's mum (and Yard Manager) Marcy, Willa Newton's Head Girl Janet Willis and Dani Evans' Head Girl Georgie Thomas picked up prizes at the 2016 Haddon Training British Grooms Awards

“I didn’t invent these principles” says George Morris “They have developed because they work”. Take a look at the elements outlined by George Morris for the ideal rider position and how it affects the horse

Horse galloping

All horses gallop as nature intended but sometimes a horse’s gallop can be improved by simply addressing the rider’s position

The legendary George Morris was back in Australia and yes he is still preaching the same messages, and yes he is still using the same style of teaching that is unique only to George. But is he outdated or have Australian riders had enough of his ideas?

Up and coming Australian eventing riders Alice Hirst and Sam Jeffree attended their first ever George Morris clinic - what did they learn from the great man?

So you are thinking about working with horses in the UK? Sarah Huntley debunks some common myths and advises what you actually DO need to do in order to work in the UK and how to go about it

British Eventing is introducing a new training programme in 2017 with the aim of increasing the opportunities for riders up to the age of 21

“The shoulder-in is the key to all issues in the dressage" Part 2 of our review of the Christopher Bartle Eventing Dressage Masterclass in Adelaide

Michael Jung hasn't been sitting around waiting for Santa and Antipodean riders have made moves in the final FEI World Eventing rankings of 2016. Who ranks where heading into 2017?