Horse & Rider Training Tips

In the third part of our articles from a recent Andrew Hoy clinic in Australia, Andrew focuses on achieving the quality, rhythm and control of the canter on approach to a fence

Stop watches were previously prohibited at BE100 level and below but competitors at BE80, BE80 and BE100 will be allowed to wear them during the cross country phase of the competition until June 2016

In the second part of our articles from a recent Andrew Hoy clinic in Australia, Andrew has some advice on training the off the track thoroughbred for eventing

Does your horse listen to you in the show jumping ring? Here are some great exercises using poles and cavaletti  at the trot and canter – simple but effective and easy to practise at home

Jonelle Price shares her useful tip for eventing horses coming back into work after an end of season break

An overview of the modifications and changes to General FEI Regulations, Eventing and Veterinary Matters from the 2015 FEI General Assembly

Andrew Hoy talks about how a rider must take responsibility, how much time it takes a horse to see a fence and the use of the voice in training

The latest research study revealed that while air jackets may have some safety benefits, fatal and serious injuries are still highly likely to occur should a horse fall directly on to a rider

Equestrian Australia has issued details of changes for National Eventing rules to be applicable from 1st January 2016

What did the six finalists think of being put through their paces by Sir Mark Todd in their bid to win this year's coveted Mark Todd Bridging The Gap Scholarship?