Horse & Rider Training Tips

What did the six finalists think of being put through their paces by Sir Mark Todd in their bid to win this year's coveted Mark Todd Bridging The Gap Scholarship?

Jumping banks and steps need good preparation from the rider. This video shows examples and gives tips to ensure that your horse understands the question and maintains their confidence

This will get you ready to gallop - a stunning and unique view of William Fox-Pitt in training at home


A little tip about warming up your horse from Australia's Paul Tapner

Mary and Emily King recommend exercising your horse on grass surfaces and turning them out as much as possible, even the night before a competition

Some great footage of the BE100 course from Chepstow in England - we’re interested to know what riders from Australia (or anywhere else in the world!) think of the course compared to their home events


New Zealand eventer Caroline Powell explains how traditional road work still forms an integral part of her horses' fitness training

With the launch of the FEI online entry system for eventing, Equestrian Australia reminds riders that there are also national requirements they need to meet

Coffin fences seem to be all the go with Mike E-S implementing them on new courses at Sydney and Wallaby Hill in Australia. Take a look at how some of the riders tackled the coffin complex at the recent South of England Horse Trials


Put simply, if you cannot afford to be fully insured, you cannot afford to be in business.  There are too many implications for you, and possibly your family in the event that something goes wrong. Anita Marchesani explains why