Horse & Rider Training Tips

Eventing is now the next discipline to be launched on the FEI Entry System starting with a pilot phase from June to September before the full launch in October 2015 for CIC and CCI events worldwide

After the recent discussion and changes regarding penalty points and frangible pins in eventing rules, more new initiatives have been raised by the FEI to be discussed at the FEI Sports Forum

When jumping corners, the speed and energy you have are important as well as the straightness and preparation. This video shows examples and gives tips for perfecting jumping through corners on various lines

Following the recommendation of the Eventing Committee, the FEI Bureau has approved a modification to Art 548.1 referring to the penalties for activating a frangible device as well as a rewording of the explanatory note on the penalties for frangible devices.

Each weekend at events we hear and see all sorts of things but not many as funny as this .......

What would you do to help a horse that doesn’t want to go forward or how do you handle a horse that bucks? Swedish eventing rider Niklas Lindback has some practical and helpful advice and answers riders' questions at his Australian clinic

With related distances, especially on cross country, it is important that the rider is able to react to how the horse jumps the first fence, the landing and recovery. In this video you can see how riders can decide to vary their horses' strides

Winter may be uninspiring for eventing riders in the UK but the Baileys Jump Training and JAS Championships take place this weekend for horse/rider combinations who have qualified at one of the preceding eight regional competitions in January and February

British Eventing (BE) has confirmed that the new rule banning helmets with fixed peaks being worn during cross country will be upheld with Jockey Skulls only allowed

Flatwork is for dressage, right? When you watch the manoeuvrability and control that top show jumpers get from their horses in between the fences, you know this isn’t true. This video takes you through the rider’s position and common faults, the paces, lateral exercises and flying changes with clear explanations and examples