Horse & Rider Training Tips

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) has celebrated four high performing equestrian coaches on the completion of their UK Coaching Level 4 award, including Australia's Warren Lamperd

Which was the toughest CCI4* event in 2017? How many winners finished on their dressage? Which had the lowest percentage of retirementsbut also the highest percentage of eliminations on cross country? Find out in our 2017 stats table

Frangible devices to be mandatory in Australian national and international level eventing competition from February 2018

One of the highlights of the 2016 Australian International 3DE was the Christopher Bartle Eventing Dressage Masterclass. Take a look at the session where Chris works with South Australian eventing and dressage rider Cooper Oborn

Want to train with Sam Griffiths, Chris Burton or Andrew Hoy? You don’t need to travel to the UK, they are coming to Australia

Level III coach British Eventing and British Showjumping coach Warren Lamperd explains why video footage is so valuable and how to use it as a part of your training

William Fox-Pitt would no doubt approve of this new eventing ruling by Equestrian Australia


The FEI Eventing Committee has followed up on its review of the structure of international level eventing competition to be introduced in January 2018

Swedish rider Niklas Lindback is not only a top class eventing rider but also is well known for training young horses.Find out more about the methods Niklas uses for starting his own young horses

Video: Prue Barrett took us through two of the CCI3* fences which proved to be influential at MI3DE, the Owl Hole at Fence 10ABC and the second water complex at 22ABC - so how did they ride?