Horse & Rider Training Tips

Video: Soft hands over a fence and straightness were the two key points for the Australian Young Rider champion Gemma Tinney in this training session at home with her dad and dual Olympic medallist Stuart

Make use of 'training wheels' in schooling narrow fences says Captain Mark Phillips

Can I?  Should I?  How do I? At some stage if you are any good as a rider, and if you love what you do, and simply cannot imagine doing anything else the thought comes to you: “Maybe I can become a professional at this…”

Confidence in riding

We all know that we ride better when we’re more confident. Human performance coach Jon Pitts provides us with a greater understanding of what lies beneath confidence and how it can be made more resilient.

Each year the International Eventing Forum goes from strength to strength. We take a look back at what we learned from Pippa Funnell and Tina Cook in their session with Angela Tucker in 2016

"Good riding is not about big jump after big jump, it is about consistent, meticulous detail" Here are some of the flatwork and jumping exercises set by George Morris in his recent clinic

Gemma Tattersall's mum (and Yard Manager) Marcy, Willa Newton's Head Girl Janet Willis and Dani Evans' Head Girl Georgie Thomas picked up prizes at the 2016 Haddon Training British Grooms Awards

“I didn’t invent these principles” says George Morris “They have developed because they work”. Take a look at the elements outlined by George Morris for the ideal rider position and how it affects the horse

Horse galloping

All horses gallop as nature intended but sometimes a horse’s gallop can be improved by simply addressing the rider’s position

The legendary George Morris was back in Australia and yes he is still preaching the same messages, and yes he is still using the same style of teaching that is unique only to George. But is he outdated or have Australian riders had enough of his ideas?