CICO 3* Fontainebleau France | An Eventful Life

CICO 3* Fontainebleau France

Le Pin au Haras will now host the French leg of the 2017 FEI Nations Cup Series following the cancellation of Fontainebleau

Video: Watch Michael Jung's dressage tests in the CICO3* and CCI1* at Fontainebleau

Michael Jung and his wonderful 16-year-old horse La Biosthetique Sam FBW have led the German team to victory in the competitive opening leg of the FEI Nations Cup Eventing 2016 at Fontainebleau

Final results for all classes at Fontainebleau Crazy Ride and FEI Nations Cup

Michael Jung leads the CICO3* at Fontainebleau and some impressive stats that suggest he isn't likely to make many mistakes in tomorrow's showjumping

Australia leads the FEI Nations Cup CICO3* at Fontainebleau after the dressage phase with Andrew Hoy and Bill Levett in third and fourth places individually

While the competitors for the FEI Nations Cup CICO3* at Fontainebleau start the dressage phase on Thursday, the other classes are already underway with Chris Burton and Michael Jung taking early leads

Australia has announced its team for the first leg of the 2016 FEI Nations Cup eventing at Fontainebleau which is going to be a hotly contested battle of nations

The FEI has released the dates and new rules for the 2016 FEI Nations Cup Eventing Series which sees nine events on the calendar including a new venue for Italy and the addition of an American leg


The French team repeated their 2014 victory at Fontainebleau as they enjoyed a comfortable winning margin of nearly 30 penalties over Australia, who finished second in the first FEI Nations Cup Eventing competition of the series