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London 2012 Olympic Games - Eventing News

Course designer Sue Benson says “Cross-country day is always difficult. Whatever you think, some of the things you expect don’t happen and unexpected things do.”

Thrills and spills as Clayton and Sam hit the deck at Greenwich...

Olympic gold eventing medallist Wendy Schaeffer gives us her thoughts on the past two days of eventing dressage

An afternoon of mixed emotions, but sterling performances all round...

The Fredericks gain top scores but the Germans are proving tough to beat...

Wendy Schaeffer takes a walk around the Greenwich course and tells us what she thinks will be the biggest challange for the riders and their horses

The ancient market fence at greenwich park cross country course

The concluding part of Saturday’s action at Greenwich in the eventing dressage section was exciting

Australian supporters cheer on Sam Griffiths

The Aussies are off to a flying start this morning for the dressage element of the eventing competition at Greenwich Park, taking the top two places...

As dressage day dawns you can be sure that the eventing grooms are working as hard as ever, getting their horses ready for one the biggest events they will ever do

With the first horse inspection over, Boyd Martin will be the first into the dressage arena tomorrow followed by Chris Burton. Here are some times you may wish to note


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