Puhinui 3 Day Event

Both of the CCI2* winners, Ashleigh Mckinstry and Lucy Turner, hope to be back at Puhinui next year for 3* start - we talk to them about their wins

Video: Stuart Tinney wins the Puhinui 2016 Carry A Wife competition. We can't explain it - you just have to watch!

Vicky Browne-Cole shed a few tears as she talked to us about her win in the CCI1* Junior at Puhinui International Horse Trials and Andy Daines has a rising star in Giocattolo

Libby Law showed some yoga positions on the podium at Puhinui International Horse Trials but Sir Mark Todd and Shane Rose showed they had some moves of their own ...........

The Honda NZ CCI3* winner at Puhinui for two years in a row, Ginny Thompson has not only added her name to an illustrious list but also got a car in the bargain!

Last year Lucy Turner and Carbon won the CCI1* Junior title at Puhinui - can they do it again this year in the CCI2* Young Rider?

Angela Lloyd and Lyrical won the CCN105 at Puhinui in 2015 and now they are on track for a win in the CCI1* while her groom Beth Wilson is also making moves in the CCI1* Junior

The CCI3* cross country course proved extra challenging when the rain started to fall and the Honda Dream Arena water complex turned into a bit of a nightmare for some at Puhinui International Horse Trials

We talk to Leisa Keightley who leads the CCN95 at Puhinui International Horse Trials after a 14 year break from riding

Two of the top three horses in the Honda NZ CCI3* at Puhinui International Horse Trials are off the track Australian thoroughbreds but you would never have guessed it when watching their tests today