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Puhinui 3 Day Event

Hands up those hoping a replacement date can be found for Puhinui International 2021 in Auckland, New Zealand!

Vicky Browne-Cole and Clarke Johnstone battled it out at Puhinui and well-known horses come up trumps for their young riders

Monica Oakley is taking time out tonight to celebrate her big win of the CCI4*-L at Puhinui International 3 Day Event - but will she be eating another hot dog?

“The first seven fences were a bit hair raising but once we got our teeth into the course, it was great” Clarke Johnstone has moved into the lead of the CCI4*-L class today after cross country at Puhinui International 3 Day Event

“We all dream of getting those marks” says Amanda ‘Muzi’ Pottinger, who leads the Veterinary Associates CCI4*-L at Puhinui International Three Day Event

Sartorial elegance, sensational sunnies, imaginary friends and the first day by the beach. Join us at the kick off of Puhinui International Horse Trials in New Zealand …

We wouldn't miss Puhinui International 3 Day Event in New Zealand for the world and, although our video cameras can't be there, we'll be bringing you everything else, every day from Thursday

Model Francesca Masfen showed that she isn’t just a pretty face by jumping into second place of the CCN1* at Puhinui International

Fifteen-year-old Ella Morshuis had been chasing New Zealand’s Olympic medallist Jock Paget all weekend at the Puhinui International 3 Day Event but she did not expect her win in the CCI2*-L on the final day

Video interview: What did the course designer think? It's always fascinating to get it straight from the 'horse's mouth' so we asked Ewan Kellett about his course design at Puhinui International