Puhinui 3 Day Event

Puhinui CCI1* winner Emily Cammock was joined on the podium by her children while the CCI1* Junior winner, Kate Herdson also had a helping mum on hand

Video: The gallop through the water complex at Puhinui International 3 Day Event for the winners and placegetters is a great tradition - they're simply the best!

Coach and pupil Clarke Johnstone and Jackson Bovill took the CCI2* classes at Puhinui International 3 Day Event and it was champagne all round ..........

He may be 'broken' but Bundy Philpott's talented Tresca NZPH took the win in the final phase of the Puhinui International Horse Trials

Our wrap up and rider interviews from the CCI* and CCI2* classes after cross country at Puhinui

Emily Cammock may have taken a ducking on her first horse but she bounced back to hold her lead in the CCI3* at Puhinui

Madison Crowe and Sophie Alexander lead the CCI2* classes at Puhinui thanks to personal bests in the dressage

Anybody looking to buy a horse capable of leading a 3* or 1* after dressage needs to talk to Emily Cammock! We did, as part of our CCI3* and CCI1* wrap up from Friday at Puhinui

While Jock Paget’s wife is awaiting their first baby Jock was busy today at Puhinui International 3 Day Event, finishing the day in second place of the CCI3* after dressage

That decorative palm plant looked very delicious and just plain spooky for some horses at the Puhinui first trot up