Christopher Burton and Rebekah Thompson

It’s been a while since we’ve had a blog from Chris Burton and Bek Thompson who are now located in Surrey, England so we took advantage of having them on hand in Adelaide during the Australian International 3 Day Event to do a video blog.

After producing a lovely settled test at Aldon, Chris Burton survives a 'getting to know you moment' with TS Jamaimo on cross country and reflects that there is nothing quite like eventing to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground!

It may have been cold but Chris Burton still managed to uphold Australian dress standards on Boxing Day (Sam, where are your shorts?)

Chris Burton sums up his Badminton, joins the Dutch team (ha ha) thanks to Schockemohle Sports and disappointingly throws out his brass cleaning kit 

Chris Burton and Bek Thompson move to a new yard where the horses seem to like their big stables and the team 'enjoy' their first event of the season

Bek Thompson and Chris Burton are in for a big year and they have an exciting (or should that be excitable) new member of the team 

Before jumping on a plane bound for Australia Christopher Burton manged to fit in some hunting on an ex-Grand National horse

Having now been in the UK for several months with Chris Burton, Rebekah Thompson passes on her survial tips for eventing in UK  where being fond of Digestives is vital

Christopher Burton thanks Shane Rose for passing on some words of wisdom as he was about to step on to the world stage of the London Olympics

Bloggers Christopher Burton and Rebekah Thompson fill us in about Aachen and the long awaited phone call from Australian selectors



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