Ingrid Klimke on a roll indoors

       Ingrid and Parmenides    Photo courtesy Roland Thunholm/Sweden International Horse Show



The traditional eventing season may have finished but Ingrid Klimke is on a roll in the Arena Eventing competitions taking place in Europe. Ingrid and the 14 year old Parmenides won the CIX-Arena competition at the Sweden International Horse Show on Thursday night in front of a packed audience in the huge Friends Arena in Stockholm

“We’re going to go for it tonight” promised Ingrid (watch the full video here) and indeed she did, taking first place and winning a John Deere tractor in the bargain, ahead of World Champion, Ros Canter on Las Vegas

Germany’s Peter Thomsen riding Horseware Nobleman was third while the top placed Swedish rider was Malin Josefsson on Golden Midnight (below)


      Photo courtesy Roland Thunholm/Sweden International Horse Show


It was also a team competition with Germany taking top honours, Sweden second, Great Britain third and the ‘Mixed’ team with Jack Green at the helm (this team has a definite Antipodean feel and we have the feeling they had the most fun!) of Bill Levett riding Ballymore Richcat, Lucy Jackson and Willy Do, Jesse Campbell on Diachello and Lissa Green riding Malin Head Clover finished fourth (erm, last ….)

It was a repeat of the Stuttgart Masters competition earlier in November when Ingrid and Parmenides won and Ros came second, giving her the bug for this Indoor Eventing thing! (watch Ros’ ride in Stuttgart here)

It seems that Las Vegas got the idea of it too with Ros saying “Las Vegas LOVED it in Stockholm last night. Maybe a little too much this time but he came 2nd again and is probably the bravest horse I’ve ever sat on...if only he could do dressage!”

      Photo courtesy Roland Thunholm/Sweden International Horse Show