Philip Herbert - clerk of the course at Burghley

Why you need never worry about the ground in the Main Arena at Burghley again - Philip Herbert reveals its secret


“I think it’s amazing” says Philip Herbert of the location and venue for the Puhinui International Horse Trials in New Zealand, a country he last visited 40 years ago

Philip may have been quietly flying under the radar in New Zealand, accompanying his wife Nikki at the Puhinui International Horse Trials, where she was the President of the Ground Jury, but when we spotted the man whose name is synonymous with the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials he kindly agreed to have a chat  

Philip is clerk of the course for Burghley, responsible for the groundwork and the cross-country course of the famous event, a year-round job which culminates in the pressure-cooker week of the big event but Philip is modestly ‘pretty comfortable with it now, as long as I’ve got my little notebook with me!’

Following their stay in New Zealand Philip and Nikki were heading home to England where work will start with Captain Mark Phillips on the new course for Burghley 2019 in January. He tells us more about his role and some of the unique features of the ground at Burghley, including why you need never worry about the condition of the Main Arena surface on the final day, regardless of the weather ……..