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Bishop's back to back wins at Goulburn

      Emma Bishop and CP Issey Miyake


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Emma Bishop and CP Issey Miyake (Rose) have done it again at Lynton Horse Trials, Goulburn, taking the CCI4*-S win and the NSW State Eventing Championship along with it. Starting on a personal best dressage score of 25.8, they led from start to finish, adding just 0.4 time penalties on cross country to finish on 26.20, almost 10 penalties ahead of second placed Hazel Shannon on Willingapark Clifford (35.30).


Emma Bishop


(and just for clarification - the 'hairy thing' is the microphone cover!)


      Hazel Shannon and Willingapark Clifford drop into the road crossing


The defending Australian International 3 Day Event champions, Hazel and Clifford started a little off the pace with a dressage score of 31.30 and dropped a rail in the show jumping but they produced their typical masterclass cross country round as the only combination to come home clear and under time

Stuart Tinney and Celebration were quite a bit slower with 13.2 time penalties but they had the advantage of another very good dressage score to keep them in third place (41.30)

Previously from Western Australia but now based in NSW, Lauren Browne and Skys Da Limit put in a very good performance on cross country to move up to fourth place, finishing on an score of 43.40, equal with Megan Jones and Kirby Park Impress who took fifth as Lauren was closer to the optimum time on cross country.

For Megan it was just a relief to be back in competition mode after time off with injury and she too is headed to Albury before her big home event in Adelaide

Hazel Shannon on Willingapark Cooley (or Cooley SRS as we used to know him) rounded out the top six

There were a few penalties scattered around the course but the big excitement of the class came when Penny Johnson parted company from BB Boom, who decided to head for home and the “road” ahead of him looked like the best way back to his truck. That happened to be the iconic Goulburn road crossing part of the course and, ass BB Boom galloped up the road, he crossed the path of Issie Houghton riding Tulara Diarangol

With remarkable focus Issie stayed on her line, jumping the obstacles as if nothing else was happening and continued on her merry way to finish in 11th place

We’ll be back with a full 4* report and more interviews from across the classes soon ….


      Lauren Browne and Skys Da Limit