Alex Bragg at Badminton

      Alex Bragg and Redpath Ransom at the first horse inspection


As all horse owners know, there is nothing worse than losing one of your equine friends, and for British rider Alex Bragg this has played out on a public stage

Yesterday Alex rode his first horse Zagreb around the cross country and a few hours later headed back out on Redpath Ransom. Sadly Redpath Ransom suffered an irreparable injury to his right fore suspensory ligament as he was galloping between Fences 27 and 28 and, although he was immediately taken by ambulance to the Veterinary Clinic in the stables and examined by an orthopaedic specialist, the decision had to be made to euthanase him

This morning Alex presented Zagreb at the second horse inspection and then show jumped in the morning session. On completion, the packed stand showed their support with a rousing round of applause and he was kind enough to speak to us.

“I’m trying to remember the positives” says Alex, who says he didn’t want to let Zagreb down, an admirable attitude which demonstrates his professionalism and the love of his horses


Alex Bragg