2022 Little Downham (2) Horse Trials Preview | An Eventful Life

2022 Little Downham (2) Horse Trials Preview



An Eventful Life is filming all competitors on cross country at

Childeric Saddles Little Downham (2) 2022

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Little Downham (2) will not only be welcoming the usual competitors from BE80 to Novice, including those competing in the Novice Masters Series but have also added a CCI1*-S class to replace that lost at the cancelled Chilham Castle event as well as new GO BE and PC BE classes at 80/90/100 levels

Australian riders Kevin McNab and Hazel Shannon are among the entries in the Open Novice with Kevin riding Willunga and Hazel on board her new horse Willingapark Chelsea and they will be up against Ros Canter on MHS Seventeen, amongst others

Another Aussie, Isabel English will be competing the young horses Cil Dara Bombay and Elysian Fields Prado that she told us about in our Yard Visit earlier this year, with both taking part in the 5 Year Old class

As the dry weather continues, Little Downham organisers say that ‘competitors and owners can rest assured that the Little Downham team will deliver our usual exceptionally high standard of going, making use of the shockwave machine and our own irrigation system.  This combined with our Grade 1 peat soil, enables us to deliver the best going in all weather conditions’

As in August 2021 (see footage above), the course will be flipped around and the cross-country course will run in a completely different layout, making full use of the woods, waters and ditches.

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