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Bicton: An Uneventful Final Horse Inspection

    Piggy March and Vanir Kamira


The Chedington Bicton 5* Final Horse Inspection may be one of the smallest and least eventful I’ve been to yet.

After the withdrawal of Michael Owen and The Jenning’s Syndicate Bradeley Law who had been in 16th place after cross country just 18 horses were presented to the Ground Jury this morning. All horses were accepted with very little drama - no one was held or even asked to jog twice but both Australian horses, Finduss PFB and Gurtera Cher, looked very fresh and ready to go cross country again.

Pippa Funnell is the only rider with two horses remaining in the competition and she lies in 3rd and 8th places on Billy Walk On and Maja’s Hope respectively.

The show jumping starts at 1:30pm in the Top Spec arena (on grass) in reverse order of merit. The course builder is Paul Connor (GBR) and there is less than one rail between the top three.

Article and photos by Samantha Clark


    Gemma Tattersall and Chilli Knight


   Pippa Funnell with Billy Walk On and Majas Hope


   Francis Whittington and DHI Purple Rain


   Harry Mutch and HD Bronze

    James Avery and Mr Sneezy


   Ros Canter and Pencos Crown Jewel


   Padraig McCarthy and HHS Noble


   Sammi Birch and Finduss PFB