Camel racing at Burnham Market

      Bill Levett's previous camel riding experience shone through but he couldn't take the win!


As well as the serious stuff of eventing at the Barefoot Estates Burnham Market International there was plenty of fun with camel racing also taking place on Easter Sunday

The Musketeer Events never seem short of good ideas to keep riders and spectators entertained – last year the ‘blind’ driving was a hoot at Houghton International -  and this year the camel racing proved very popular as entertainment before and during a break in the CIC3*

It wasn’t just for fun as it was also raising money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance with the jockeys taking part raising funds for the charity and an army of ‘bucket shakers’ on hand during the day. This year the EAAA needs to raise £11million to provide the life-saving service

Patrick Peal, Chief Executive at EAAA, explained that “We are able to provide lifesaving medical support to critically ill patients by flying the hospital A&E to them. We then transport them, within minutes, to the most appropriate hospital for their clinical needs.

“Our patients receive the best possible emergency medical care, which can make the difference between long-term injury and recovery – even between life and death.”

A skilled doctor and a critical care paramedic are on board each flight, along with specialist equipment. On average, each airborne rescue mission costs approximately £3,500, with an average of five missions a day. The Charity recently completed its 20,000 mission since it started flying in 2000.

 “All those involved in equestrianism, in any form, recognise the importance of Air Ambulance services across the United Kingdom. Working in a county with so much coast line, always a big draw for residents and holiday makers, our spectators are equally likely to find themselves in EAAA's debt, making it an ideal charity to team up with.

“We are delighted to be working with EAAA this year, promoting such a worthy cause; one which everyone who lives and works in, or visits, East Anglia could at any time need to call upon” said Event Director Alec Lochore


      Jonty Evans may be an Olympian but was soundly beaten by the girls on camels!


The camel racing took place on the cross country course with professional event rider jockeys Australian Bill Levett, Ireland's Jonty Evans, and a trio of British girls, Sarah Cohen, Laura Collett and Lissa Green joining amateur riders in several heats

The race was won by the CIC2* winner Sarah ‘Cutty’ Cohen who thought the experience was 'hilarious' and admitted she couldn't say what it felt like to ride a camel as 'it all happened so fast!'


      Laura Collett ready for the race

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