William Fox-Pitt at Tryon WEG 2018

One of the coolest horses ever - William drops the reins for Chilli Morning to scratch his nose while waiting for their bronze medal to be presented in the packed stadium at Caen



At the 2014 FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy, Britain’s William Fox-Pitt won team silver and individual bronze on the super cool stallion Chilli Morning. This year William isn’t part of the British squad at Tryon but he is spending a couple of days there by to help the Japanese eventing rider Kazuma Tomoto

William is supposed to be competing at Blenheim this weekend so needs to return to the UK before Kazuma’s competition begins at Tryon, but even if Hurricane Florence affects William’s travel plans ‘a bit of fun and games always spices things up!’

Samantha Clark caught up with William for a chat at Tryon and we have more about the Japanese riders and their support team coming up soon. As William says “Watch this space!”