Are you Hot to Trot at Sydney's Mardi Gras?

Hot to Trot Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

      It's party time!                                  Photo courtesy John Lechner, ESJ Photography


It’s on again - after a wonderful event last year, the Equestrian Hot To Trot float will be back in this year’ s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on March 7th 2015

Last year an estimated 200,000 people partied as 144 floats and 10,000 participants travelled along the glitter-soaked parade route including a group of highly enthusiastic equestrians on board the Hot to Trot float. Hot to Trot is a group that recognises and respects sexual diversity in equestrian sports and, as we all know, the equestrian community has always had a significant number of gay and lesbian members who love to party! However, you don’t have to be gay to join in, everyone is welcome to attend or simply support the project by helping to decorate the float, marching alongside or offering donations

The idea is to show the world what fun horse people can be as well as spreading the message of acceptance and tolerance (and we need lots of that nowadays!)

There are a limited number tickets available on Nominate under “Other” and there is a Hot to Trot Facebook page if you want to find out more

You can read all about Hot to Trot at last year’s Sydney Mardi Gras in our full report here