LA28 Ticketing Provider Announced

ASX and CTS EVENTIM appointed Official Ticketing Service Provider for the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games | An Eventful Life

AXS, a leading company in sports and live entertainment ticketing, and CTS EVENTIM, a leading international provider of ticketing services and live entertainment, have been appointed the Official Ticketing Service Provider for the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The two companies form a joint venture to promote, sell, and distribute LA28 tickets on a global basis. They will make their existing online storefronts ( and available for the global distribution of Games tickets, which will also be sold through LA28’s own website.

As a global leader in ticketing, AXS brings to the partnership its leading consumer facing technologies, extensive marketing and database capabilities, and expansive ticketing distribution network. CTS EVENTIM, the number one provider of ticketing services in Europe and number two in the world, has reliably managed Olympic ticketing on several occasions over the past two decades, including at Turin in 2006, Sochi in 2014, Rio in 2016, and is set for Paris in 2024.

“AXS’ strong North American footprint and CTS EVENTIM’s track record of Games success will deliver a world class platform that will redefine ticketing for live sports events,” said LA28 Chairperson/President Casey Wasserman. “With AXS and CTS EVENTIM, the LA28 Games will provide an accessible and seamless experience for Angelenos and sports fans from across the globe.”

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