Brisbane 2032

No new stadium at Victoria Park for Brisbane 2032

Monday Mar 18, 2024 16:02

A proposed new stadium at Victoria Park, location for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games eventing cross country, has been rejected

9 Years to Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games

Tuesday Jul 25, 2023 10:26

The Olympic Rings and Paralympic Agitos now officially call Brisbane, Queensland their new home as Australia celebrates nine years to go to Brisbane 2032

Brisbane 2032 beckons

Wednesday Oct 19, 2022 9:05

Get to know more about the sun-soaked city of Brisbane, home of the 2032 Olympic Games

Victoria Park - site of Brisbane 2032 Cross Country

Thursday Sep 29, 2022 7:57

Plans are afoot for Victoria Park / Barrambin, the venue for the for the eventing cross country at the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games

10 years to go to Brisbane 2032

Saturday Jul 23, 2022 12:28

The Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee has called for people to get 'Brisbane 2032 Ready' as the 10 years To Go celebrations get underway