Update from Stuart Tinney

Well Australia just had some bad luck with only myself and Kiwi (Vettori) left in the team.. Such a levelling sport!

Kiwi just shone for me the whole WEG .. I really could not have had a better prepared horse under me .. XCountry he was just awesome with not one glitchy moment.. I really wanted to bring him home safe and sound.. taking the slightly long option 3 from home which was a huge Ditch brush to another 3 strides later.. It left me 1 sec over time.. which after the last day did not effect my position..

The show jumping was not too big and open with some longer distances but certainly very ridable.. Kiwi just did his job and came in clear.. I can't imagine that he could have gone better... he is now wrapped up for the night after spending some time in his Equine Edge Skins! Not sure if Kiwi likes them too much but we used them all event after work..worked a treat.. he was just feeling great all event prior, during and after.

Final result for us is 8th position.. Personally I am happy with this result, but feel sorry that we did not have a team finish but really it was just a run of bad luck for the Aussie's. WEG has been amazing with record crowds XCountry Day and fabulous weather conditions but can't wait to get home now!!  Thanks so much Pete and Kathy (owners of Kiwi) for coming and my sponsors Bates saddles, Coprice Feeds, Horseland and Nature Vet.. which certainly helped me get such a great result at The Alltech WEG...