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“I started crying in the wash down area, having just completed the cross-country for the first time in 2018” Team Windrush riders Will Furlong and Alicia Hawker look back on their Badminton experiences

The Games are really close now and I cannot understand if I’m more excited or scared for what I will experience during the Olympics and Paralympics!

"I have vetted in the blistering heat of Adelaide, the knee-deep mud and persistent rain of Badminton and Burghley, and now the snow of Kentucky" Our globe trotting equine vet Chris Elliott recaps his experience at Kentucky

Hello everyone. We are only 100 days to go to Tokyo2020+1!

A lovely new base for 21-year-old Phoebe Locke who is excited by the prospects but 'adulting to the max' with the admin side of running a new yard

Back in February we introduced some of our riders, full of hope for a ‘normal’ season of eventing in the UK.  We’re now all thinking that a ‘normal’ eventing season is about as real as an actual unicorn

Floods are certainly not a first for Tinney Eventing but the once in a 60 year flood certainly was

"A year into the pandemic, things are still very far from going back to normal and there’s still quite a lot of uncertainty about everything" Olympic Eventing Co-ordinator Carola Brighenti flies back into Tokyo in a tough month for the horse world globally

The four full-time 2021 Windrush riders may be well-known but they've revealed a few things you may not know to start their blog ...

Holidays are over, riders and horses back into work and TOKYO, here we come! If you are interested in the Australian Selection process for Olympics... Read On smiley