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Eventing Rider Blogs

Tinney Eventing is holding home competitions to get ready for the real thing and Stuart gives some great video tips for training your horse at home 

So who was the clever Australian rider that scored 18/20? Jess Johnson shares some findings from her PhD study survey that some of you may have helped us with 

"We cook and eat, we work, we cook and eat, we work, we work out, we cook and eat, we drink G&T, we go to bed" Carola Brighenti's lockdown life in Tokyo is not fun but the Skype meetings are providing humour of sorts ....

Stick to a routine, say the experts, and we’re following their advice diligently as are rocks and stuffed animals

Our dog Pedro could be part of saving the world, by a nose 

When life gives you lemons, preserve them and make risotto in lock down

The postponement  of the Olympic and Paralympic Games means 18 more months in Tokyo for Eventing Coordinator (and dumpling chef) Carola Brighenti ...............

How are you all faring? Like many around the world we are in lockdown instead of out eventing so it’s time to crack out a blog

"We have no doubt that Japan will put on a wonderful Olympic Games" says Tinney Eventing (who appear to be undergoing strange transformations during self-isolation)

Covid-19 has been part of everyone’s life for a while now in Japan but the Tokyo 2020 eventing team are carrying on (and bringing toilet paper with them); Carola Brighenti updates us from Tokyo ....