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How are you all faring? Like many around the world we are in lockdown instead of out eventing so it’s time to crack out a blog

"We have no doubt that Japan will put on a wonderful Olympic Games" says Tinney Eventing (who appear to be undergoing strange transformations during self-isolation)

Covid-19 has been part of everyone’s life for a while now in Japan but the Tokyo 2020 eventing team are carrying on (and bringing toilet paper with them); Carola Brighenti updates us from Tokyo ....

What a start to the year for Tinney Eventing with no eventing, fires, floods, heat storms and broken bones!

As Carola Brighenti speeds towards Tokyo 2020, she is still managing to fit in some cultural and sporting pursuits in Japan including men in G-strings ....

"Grit is living life like it's a marathon, not a sprint” At some point during 2020 you will probably need to watch this video

"What we don’t want to do is to scare people into covering up horse injuries for fear of being penalised" PhD researcher Jess Johnson attended last week's FEI Eventing Summit

UK-based Australian eventing rider Ben Leathers is also a fully trained fire fighter and he is heading back to Australia to help out

The 'must know' things before you visit Tokyo including loo music, dogs in strollers, eating with scissors and the riches of fruit. Carola Brighenti enlightens us in her latest blog ....

When we’re not in the UK, Paul and I are based just outside of Melbourne in Australia where I am writing this. So, it’s probably not surprising that this blog is all about bushfires