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An update on Tokyo 2020, onwards and upwards to the World Equestrian Games in 2022 and some fun facts about the Eventing Team Substitution Rule

Federations are announcing their teams and individuals and it is getting very exciting, especially as the Dressage horses will arrive in the venue in only 20 days.

The goals for 2021 seem to still change by the day. But what does remain constant are the Windrush riders' ultimate goals – Lici Hawker, Connie Copestake and Will Furlong tell us more

Celebrating success at back-to-back events and now it's fingers crossed for Tokyo 2020 ......

“I started crying in the wash down area, having just completed the cross-country for the first time in 2018” Team Windrush riders Will Furlong and Alicia Hawker look back on their Badminton experiences

The Games are really close now and I cannot understand if I’m more excited or scared for what I will experience during the Olympics and Paralympics!

"I have vetted in the blistering heat of Adelaide, the knee-deep mud and persistent rain of Badminton and Burghley, and now the snow of Kentucky" Our globe trotting equine vet Chris Elliott recaps his experience at Kentucky

Hello everyone. We are only 100 days to go to Tokyo2020+1!

A lovely new base for 21-year-old Phoebe Locke who is excited by the prospects but 'adulting to the max' with the admin side of running a new yard

Back in February we introduced some of our riders, full of hope for a ‘normal’ season of eventing in the UK.  We’re now all thinking that a ‘normal’ eventing season is about as real as an actual unicorn