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The four full-time 2021 Windrush riders may be well-known but they've revealed a few things you may not know to start their blog ...

Holidays are over, riders and horses back into work and TOKYO, here we come! If you are interested in the Australian Selection process for Olympics... Read On smiley

After time at home in Italy seeing friends and family, Tokyo 2020 Eventing Co-ordinator Carola Brighenti is heading back to Japan

I am obviously positive that things will slowly get better and that by the end of this year, we will be able to get back to our normal lives, but in the meantime, IT IS JUST NOT GREAT!

What do the richest man in the world and top eventing riders have in common?

Doing a PhD in a global pandemic has been interesting, though realistically I have been very lucky

2020 has been a year never to forget but, with the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games looming, we are set for a vigorous campaign and we love that you will all be with us for the 'ride’!

A trip home to Italy from Tokyo is 'priceless' for Carola Brighenti and she even managed a side trip to Barroca d'Alva for some real 'live' eventing

"Seeing horses again after more than nine months was quite exciting" Competition has started at Tokyo 2020 Equestrian Park and Eventing Co-ordinator Carola Brighenti couldn't resist borrowing a horse ....

With the eventing season coming to an end in Australia, it feels like it is just the beginning!