Rio 2016

Proposed change to Olympic eventing format looms

Tuesday Nov 22, 2016 10:43

Proposals to make equestrian events more understandable and engage new fans, including three athletes per team in Olympic Eventing, will be voted on during tomorrow’s FEI General Assembly

Nick Skelton wins individual Jumping gold in Rio

Saturday Aug 20, 2016 20:03

“I’m not going to stop riding now, the only horse I ride is Big Star and when he stops I’ll stop” Nick Skelton, show jumping individual gold medallist, Rio 2016

The well-heeled Olympic equine athletes in Rio

Friday Aug 19, 2016 4:20

The hardest working shoe fitters in Rio are the team of British and Brazilian farriers working round the clock to keep the well-heeled equine athletes well-shod at the Olympic Equestrian Centre in Deodoro

The ups and downs of Olympic eventing

Saturday Aug 13, 2016 0:17

"We love the challenge of a Championship so we have to live through all these ups and downs” said Ingrid Klimke; we look a few of the ups and downs of Rio 2016

Chilli Morning's swansong at Rio

Thursday Aug 11, 2016 3:28

Chilli Morning’s competition in Rio will be his last, says William Fox-Pitt