Adelaide Equestrian Festival 2024 Entry Lists

Megan Jones rides Toulando on cross country for the CCN4.5* eventing class at Ellerston Scone Horse Trials 2024 | An Eventful Life
Megan Jones and Toulando won the CCN4.5* at Ellerston Scone Horse Trials 2024

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15 entries, including past 5* winners and Young Rider Champions, are currently listed for the CCI5* at the Adelaide Equestrian Festival, to take place from 18th – 21st April in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia.

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Adelaide International CCI5* entries

Past winners at Adelaide, local Olympian Megan Jones and David Middleton will be competing. Megan will be on board Toulanda, who is ‘the fittest he’s ever been’ Megan told us at Ellerston Scone Horse Trials and David has two rides in his homebred WEC In The Breeze and WEC In The Money, the winner and runner-up in the CCI4* at the recent Tonimbuk International (watch our interview with David here).

The in-form Olivia Barton and Hollyander HG, recently returned from taking second place at the CCI4*-S at Horse of the Year NZ as part of her first Senior Championship team, will be tackling their first CCI5* and there are several New Zealanders who are making the trip across the Tasman to compete at the only 5* in the southern hemisphere. 

They include Maddy Sievwright and Waitangi Pinterest, who have recently taken out the NZ National One Day 4* Championship at Matamata, the very experienced Donna Smith with two horses, DSE Henton For Glory and DSE Mendoza, and Diane Gilder riding Your Attorney, who took seventh place at Adelaide CCI5* last year.

Charlotte Edwards (NZL)riding JUST DE MANZANA

Donna Edwards-Smith (NZL) riding DSE HENTON FOR GLORY

Donna Edwards-Smith (NZL) riding DSE MENDOZA

Diane Gilder (NZL) riding YOUR ATTORNEY

Gordon Bishop (AUS) riding ADVANTAGE HILL

Samuel Jeffree (AUS) riding KOYUNA TACTICIAN

David Middleton (AUS) riding WEC IN THE MONEY

David Middleton (AUS) riding WEC IN THE BREEZE

Cathryn Herbert (AUS) riding WIMBORNE CONSTABLE

Kirilee Hosier (AUS) riding AEA FLYNN

Madison Seivwright (NZL) riding WAITANGI PINTEREST

Joel Funnell (AUS) riding AIRBRUSHED

Olivia Barton (AUS) riding HOLLYANDER HG

Megan Jones (AUS) riding TOULANDO

Andrew Cooper (AUS) riding HEY ARNOLD

Adelaide Equestrian Festival Entries 2024 | Horses and riders competing in the CCI5*, CCI4*-S and CCI3*-L eventing classes at Adelaide Equestrian Festival | An Eventful Life
Shenae Lowings riding Bold Venture - 2023 CCI4*-S winners at Adelaide

Horseland CCI4*-S entries

Triple CCI5* Adelaide winner Hazel Shannon and Willingapark Clifford are not competing at 5* level this year but will be contesting the Horseland CCI4*-S, a class that sees some hot competition with Shenae Lowings riding her World Championship horse Bold Venture and another very good off the track thoroughbred, Chasing Great.

Oliver Barrett riding Sandhills Special will be another top contender, following on from their win of the Bates CCI3*-L and Young Rider Championship here last year and Emma Mason is on top form with KPH Kingfisher, having just won the CCN4* at Ellerston at Scone on a ‘perfect pre-Adelaide’ track.

The CCI4*-S track will be designed by Mike Etherington-Smith this year, along with the CCI5* and CCI3*-L courses and he has built it ‘a little bit stronger this year so the guys are really going to have to ride it a bit more’ with a view to preparing potential Olympic combinations.

Hannah Klep (AUS) riding TULARA CHICOUVE

Oliver Barrett (AUS) riding SANDHILLS SPECIAL

Lily Wickenden (AUS) riding EA BERLIN

Lily Wickenden (AUS) riding FUERST SENSATION


Penelope Johnson (AUS) riding BB BOOM

Christine Bates (AUS) riding EQUUS HUGO

Gemma O'Leary (AUS) riding ARNAGE PORSCHE

Charlotte Sheldon (AUS) riding TOWNSHEND LS

Jessica Rae (AUS) riding RASCAL


Emma Mason (AUS) riding KPH KINGFISHER

Madeline Cooper (AUS) riding ANNIE JANE

Andrew Cooper (AUS) riding PEPPER JACK

Shenae Lowings (AUS) riding BOLD VENTURE

Shenae Lowings (AUS) riding CHASING GREAT

Edward Darby rides Dawn of the Day on cross country for the CCI3* eventing class at Tonimbuk International Horse Trials 2024 | An Eventful Life
Edward Darby and Dawn of the Day win the CCI3* at Tonimbuk International Horse Trials 2024

Racing SA CCI3*-L & Bates Saddles Young Rider Championship entries

The 24 entries for the Racing SA CCI3*-L include seven contenders for the Bates Saddles Young Rider Championship, who compete as part of the CCI3*-L class. Abbey Thompson and Cadbury KSNZ must be hot favourites as winners of the CCI3*-S Oceania Championships at HOY NZ but there will be strong competition with the likes of Edward Darby, Gemma Tinney and Olivia Barton to name a few.

Stuart Walker (AUS) riding EXAGGERATION

Annabel Nelson (AUS) riding WS PONCHO LOCO

Abbey Thompson (NZ) riding CADBURY KSNZ

Katrina Silk (AUS) riding DUNROSTAN


Millie Treloar (AUS) riding SANDON GROVE RALPHIEL (YR)

Riley Lyall (AUS) riding GI CARAMBA (YR)

Riley Lyall (AUS) riding GI WAR MACHINE (YR)

Ellie Gough (AUS) riding DON JAMEE (YR)

Luke Jones (AUS) riding SPIRIT

Mackenzie Walch (AUS) riding ELIVA CORDUROY (YR)


Jade Findlay (AUS) riding PIKS DANCING QUEEN

Olivia Barton (AUS) riding APH SODOKU

Edward Darby (AUS) riding DAWN OF THE DAY

Edward Darby (AUS) riding SOMERSET DAY

Bethany Hirst (AUS) riding SANDHILLS BLISS (YR)

Gemma Tinney (AUS) riding PHS HILTON


Olivia Shore (AUS) riding DREAMCATCHER (YR)

Teegan Ashby (AUS) riding MAGIC MUSHROOM TAE

Rachelle Verma (AUS) riding SANDHILLS CRYSTELLA

Courtney Slattery (AUS) riding ROCKY ROAD

Courtney Slattery (AUS) riding GLENHILL BOUNCE

Note: Entry lists may not include late entries or scratchings