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Australian High Performance Update

The Melbourne International 3 Day Event, normally held in June in Victoria, was one of the events cancelled due to Covid-19



While discussions continue to swirl around the future of Equestrian Australia in Voluntary Administration, the Australian High Performance equestrian athletes, currently being managed under the auspices of the Australian Institute of Sport were updated last week on the possible outcomes

The latest update from the Australian Equestrian High Performance Program says that their Australian athletes in various parts of the world are continuing to focus on their Olympic and Paralympic preparations ‘albeit under altered circumstances with commendable focus and adaptability’

Although some of the Australian High Performance eventing riders are based in the UK, a country which seems to be managing eventing in a Covid-19 world and the ‘new normal’ quite well, those based in Australia are facing more challenging times.

The recent announcement that the State of Victoria in Australia, one of the main areas for eventing competitions, will face a further two weeks of restrictions has led to ‘the revision and modification of some timelines for our riders. We are working closely with our riders in the State of Victoria to ensure they are supported in their personal wellbeing, health and performance planning. As the situation remains variable we continue to work closely with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and State Sport Organisations to best advise our athletes regarding all options available to them’

Last week, Equestrian High Performance also hosted the second videoconference for their Tokyo identified riders and National Riders’ Representatives in an effort to update them on the latest developments surrounding the Equestrian Australia Voluntary Administration process and the proposed changes to the EA Constitution.

‘Previously there had been questions raised by our riders regarding what these proposed changes would mean for our high performance community’ says the update ‘The videoconference not only offered a chance for our riders to have their questions answered but it was also an opportunity to engage with their fellow high-performance riders, from all over the globe and across various disciplines, and to share their ideas, opinions and hopes for the future of Australian equestrian sport’

The Special Meeting of Equestrian Australia, which will decide if the organisation is to continue and in what form or be wound up, is set to take place on September 15th