Christian Landolt returning to Australian International 3DE

Christian Landolt (seen here with fellow 2017 Ground Jury members) will be returning to Adelaide in 2018


Christian Landolt is looking forward to returning as part of the Ground Jury at the Australian International 3 Day Event (even though it does mean parting from his lovely Skye Terrier, Alice)

Swiss born Christian is based in the UK and we caught up with him at the Whatley Manor International Horse Trials at Gatcombe Park to find out what he loves about visiting Adelaide in South Australia and why the Australian International 3 Day Event is so important

“It is a unique event” says Christian “That is what is so glorious about our sport; it isn’t just in a sand arena. In Adelaide they close a dual carriageway to go cross country, in Malmo I remember being along the beach with tankers passing by, and it’s an incredible thing that doesn’t happen in any other sport. I think it’s important that these special venues remain”

Of course, the event will be tinged with sad memories as it will also mark the anniversary of Gill Rolton’s death. However, Gill ensured that her legacy remains and will continue to develop under the guidance of Belinda Lindh and the Aus3DE Committee, who are welcoming back many familiar faces this year