Fun in the 45 at Swan River Horse Trials

       It's all about having fun and having a go - Julie Millett and Flynn in the EvA45 at Capel


An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at Swan River HorseTrials - find out more here


“Nikki (Harwood) and I thought it might be fun to introduce an EvA45 at this event. I think it’s a first in Western Australia” says Sonja Johnson, someone who is more likely to jump 1.45m then 45cm but, in her role as Event Director for the Mitavite Swan River Horse Trials, is trying to cater for all levels

To be honest, at first I had trouble imaging a 45cm cross country fence but they were quite sweet although the water jump was certainly not ‘sweet’ for many of the horses

Forget Badminton, Burghley and the European Championships, I had more fun watching this class at Capel on Sunday than I have had for ages. Another person you’re likely to encounter at those sort of events is international 4* judge PollyAnn Huntington, TD for the international classes at Capel but who also acted as an encourager, advisor and cheer leader at the water complex for the 45cm class

“We had a bit of a backlog of riders who couldn’t get through and once one stopped, the others all followed suit!” says PollyAnn, wisely anticipating a few problems “But we eventually got them all through and Neil Clinton, the TD for the National classes agreed no-one should be penalised! This class is all about having a go and it doesn’t matter if you need a bit of help!”



In the end it was Lockharts Popty Ping ridden by Kirsten Twining who won the EvA45 and Indie Smyth on Kolbeach Tiptoe who were winners of the EvA45 Junior


       Kirsten Twining with Lockharts Popty Ping and his owners


You may get the feeling from the above footage that Kirsten (number 15) is not your average amateur rider and yes, she usually competes at 1* but when Lockharts Popty Ping’s usual (smaller and younger) rider couldn’t ride that day, Kirsten stepped in and had a ball

“It certainly gets the adrenalin going!” laughed Kirsten who was riding the rising four year old for Lockhart Sport Horses, who were also the sponsor of the class!


      Over the last - Gillian Davis and Jingaree Look At Me