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The Quarantine Blues at Ballarat Summer Horse Trials

    "We had the courses all set to go" ...........


A sudden snap lockdown in Victoria, Australia came at the very last moment for the Friends of Ballarat Association who were all set to host their Summer EA Horse Trials, running National classes from EvA80 to 4*, on 13th & 14th February.

Arrivals from around Victoria and interstate, including Olympic medallist Megan Jones and her team of horses from South Australia, were rolling in as the lockdown was suddenly announced at lunch time on Friday 12th causing a cancellation of the event with just hours to go

“We literally just arrived and as we drove in the gates the 5-day lock down was announced” says Megan on her Facebook page “So we have 10 hours to get back to the border ..... that won’t be an issue. Just need to Equissage the horses. Feed and water them then take them for a walk. And drive back home in a few hours time. It’s situations like this that we all need to not stress about it .... Not worry about it ...... As you should only ever worry about things you personally can control.

So, all I feel right now is a greater appreciation for the organising committee and all the Volunteers who have worked so hard to put the event together”

It is disappointing for all concerned but the Committee of ‘Friends’ are undeterred and also approaching the cancellation with resilience and humour. Their next event is the Ballarat International in May and their inimitable ‘poet laureate’ Viv Stephens encourages the eventing community to return to them then …..


FOBEA- The Quarantine Blues

By Viv Stephens

We are so sorry, we did our best

We worked our butts off, no time to rest

We wrote to Dan to wait another day

Alas no luck, tennis we do not play


We had the courses all set to go

The portable loos to take the flow

Bunting out to show you the way

Alas no luck, you're in lockdown today


Arenas smudged and letters out

Alcohol bought to trigger your gout

Officials booked and ready to write

Alas not needed, there’s a Covid fright


Rosettes, Prizes , Rugs on display

Trucks role in with horses to play

Adelaide arrivals in quiet remorse

Alas, no fun on the cross country course


FOBEAS tough we will try to bounce back

We hope our eventers will not give us flack

Ballarat’s climate is guaranteed good

Come back in May like you know you should.