Tinney Eventing Update - November 2023

Gemma Tinney riding PSH Hilton and her mum Karen at Sydney International Three Day Event 2023 | An Eventful Life
Karen and Gemma posing for the cameras at Syd3DE!

Our November news also includes September and October - the season may have been slow to get going, but then we had back-to-back competitions!

We also do a bit of showjumping in our spare weekends, so there hasn’t been a lot of time to relax during the last few months and being on the Sydney International Three Day Event committee also takes up an amazing amount of time. However, we always manage to squeeze in what we love smiley

Stuart Tinney rides Caruso | An Eventful Life
Stuart and Caruso

Competition Updates

We have had some great results with our young horses who are now establishing themselves at 1* level. They are young so keeping them confident is a priority.

We came away with two wins at Albury International in October, with Caruso and Fernhill Aisling Star (Ash) each taking a CCN1* section following a win at Canberra International in September for Caruso, ridden by Stuart, and third place for Ash, ridden by Gemma.

Gemma’s other horse PSH Hilton may seem to have been off his game lately by comparison, but he is adjusting to his step up into 3* and 20 penalties for Viennese (Vinnie) at Canberra was a shock to us all! But mistakes can happen and not reading a fence in front of the water jump is just one of them - rest assured Stuart will not let this one pass! We’re looking forward to some great runs in 4* next year on ours, Kerry Blair and Alice Wellers amazing 'Vinnie'.

Stuart Tinney rides Viennese at Equestriad Eventing 2023 | An Eventful Life
Stuart and Viennese at Equestriad 

Some of you may wonder what Cat Fish is up to? Cat is such a fabulous young horse in body and mind, so we are allowing him to mature in his own time, with lots of showjumping outings and training at home.

Hopefully next year he will be more balanced and ready to take on the world of eventing as he is a very special horse, just needing more time than the others.

Gemma Tinney rides PSH Hilton at Sydney International 3 Day Event Eventing 2023 | An Eventful Life
Gemma and PSH Hilton at Sydney 3DE

Sydney International 3DE

Sydney Three Day Event by all accounts was truly successful! As Patrons of SYD3DE plus committee member, it is always busy time but this year it was a little easier, with Stuart not riding but ticking off his Level 3 Course Design at the FEI Officials seminar held during the event at SIEC.

Karen Tinney presents prizes at Sydney International Three Day Event 2023 | An Eventful Life
Presentation time at Sydney

So, we just had Gemma competing in the 1* and 2*. which is certainly not as stressful as when they are in the 3* and 4*!

We loved the new arena layout and loved that our own personal sponsors CopRice, Bates Saddles and Horseland fully supported the event, and us. There was the Bates Saddles water complex and seating, the CCI3* class was sponsored by CopRice (with us standing in for the presentations!) and also the fabulous Horseland Hospitality tent.

We hope that they, and you, will all support us again next year for the SYD3DE next November (21st – 24th November 2024 - put the dates in your diary!)

Karen, Stuart and Gemma at Tinney Eventing

Hospitality at Sydney International Three Day Event | An Eventful Life
Fab food at the Horseland Hospitality Tent