Will Enzinger appointed to EA High Performance Panel


One of Australia’s leading Eventing riders and coaches, Will Enzinger, has been appointed to Equestrian Australia’s High Performance Panel, filling the position formerly held by the late Gillian Rolton (AM). The role of the High Performance Panel (HPP) is to oversee the EA High Performance strategic direction, plans and provide guidance support to the HP program. It also ensures the program is consistent with the policies, procedures and objectives of EA.

On the appointment of Enzinger to the position, the Chair of the High Performance Panel Leigh Clifford said;

“Will is an outstanding and highly experienced rider and coach and will bring invaluable insight and skill to the High Performance Panel. He is also highly respected and popular amongst riders and Equestrian administrators throughout Australia and his strong networks will augur well for the role that requires being in tune with those at the coal face of the sport of Eventing"

Current members of the EA High Performance Panel are:

Leigh Clifford - Chair

Chris Webb – High Performance Director

Nigel Nichols

Paula Ward - EA CEO

Daniel Stoneman – EA Board

Will Enzinger

Enzinger’s appointment to the HPP is effective immediately