Emily Rink

The ups and downs of horses and haystacks and Emily Rink makes the front cover of a magazine (and it's not a horsey one)

Young Queensland eventer Emily Rink may have been busy with exams but she's fitted in some competitions, is heading to the 3 Day Event at Quirindi and then some modelling!

Emily Rink learns a harsh lesson to start off the year and as a result also learns to master the handstand but things improve after that!

Emily Rink has had a great time ski-ing in the USA and spotting moose but there was a very welcome sight when they returned home to Queensland - their 5 day old foal Rupert

2014 has been a roller coaster ride for our new blogger Emily Rink with some great achievements but also some humbling experiences and lessons to learned for a 14 year old eventing rider

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