Teegan Ashby

With Teegan Ashby's top horse sidelined, has she turned into a show jumper (or a showie?!!)

"The eventing season has begun, YAY" - Teegan Asby is hitting the start of the new season with plenty of travel to events north and south

Teegan Ashby has been to 11 competitions since her last blog including being part of the Australian Young Rider Team at Taupo (the wet one!), Melbourne 3DE and Sydney IHT so there is plenty to catch up on .....

Long hours and limited sleep, the eventing season must have begun!

Kids camps, truck licence, NCAS Level 1 coaching accreditation and two new horses. January has been good to us!

In her first blog for AEL, Teegan Ashby introduces her team, both horsey and human, and recaps on 2014 - a great year's eventing that included winning her first ever 3* start

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