Alice Hirst

15 year old Bethany Hirst takes over sister Alice’s blog with a travel adventure of her own – from Tasmania to Victoria for the Australian National Championships

New jobs, exciting opportunities and drunken Balls – a month in the life of an Eventing Aussie expat in the UK

"My blog will no longer be about a Tassie rider's mainland Australian adventures, but a blog about how that little Tassie rider went abroad!" Alice Hirst fills us in on hunting antics, some Spanish culture and settling into life in the UK

No Adelaide preparations for me this year but that doesn’t mean life has been boring or not as busy. Spring has arrived in Tasmania and that means... babies!

Sometimes an injury provides a reason to change riding techniques as Alice Hirst discovered in her clinic with Prue Barrett

Nearly, nearly! Mighty Will the boldest pony in the world and I dipped our toes into the scary waters of three star and we were a whisker away from making it to shore... a whisker!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again....... eventing is a great leveller and sometimes just plain cruel

The master, the legend, the icon. The one and only George Morris! And somehow I was lucky enough to score three lessons with him .........

Is a 'Trip of a lifetime' still a trip of a lifetime if you fully plan on doing it again? This was my first but hopefully not my last time competing at the Australian International 3 Day Event in Adelaide .......

"I am on the mainland again. Possibly for three months. Eventing. With a dislocated shoulder. Woo!" Alice Hirst is one determined girl ......


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