Daiki Chujo

It's farewell to Germany and his mare Printemps as Daiki Chujo packs up to return to Australia after a trip home to Japan

Daiki Chujo has been in and out of Germany recently and catching up with old friends including Andrew Hoy

Daiki Chujo and his mare Printemps, owned by Australian Christine Doan, have been going well in Europe in the lead up to the Asian Games and we've got some video footage that shows it!

Blogger Daiki Chujo recently rode at an event close to the border of Czech Republic where the town was only as big as the event!

Daiki was just getting used to saying "Gut morgan" each day but now a heap of Aussies have arrived at Dirk Schrade's barn in Germany and it's back to "G'Day"

Blogger, Daiki Chujo, is looking forward to a better season this year with his mare Printemps and hopes that the snow from 2013 doesn't make an appearance this year

Blogger Daiki Chujo takes a two hour drive and goes through two countries, passing windmills on the way, to pick up a horse!

Daiki Chujo returns to Japan to visit his family and also revisits a special white horse - that turns out to be from New Zealand!

Daiki Chujo tells us about some of the events he’s been to this year in Germany with interesting venues

"The eventing season is Europe is pretty much over for this year and I cannot believe I have been here almost a year…"says Daiki Chujo


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