Edith Kane

With spring comes the Friends of Werribee event, which for blogger Edith Kane turned out to finish on a better note than it had started

Being Eventing Young Ambassador of the year in previous years was one thing for Edith Kane but being a selector and choosing who should be the Ambassador of the Year this year was very different


Edith Kane headed to Thailand for a winter break and to challenge herself by mastering a new skill .... but all didn't go quite to plan

Edith Kane gives us her run down on how she got on at Melbourne 3DE and explains how sometimes you can be too hungry for success

Sometimes a hug and reassurance is all you need – and a good canter, thinks Edith Kane in her latest blog

Every event rider knows that things can go wrong and they may need a Plan B .... or C .... Edith Kane tells about hers in her first blog

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