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I hope I can still fit into my breeches


Phew! The kids are at school!  Laura, who is nearly 4, is now attending preschool – for two days a week, and this morning was the first time I’ve had to pack three lunch-boxes, making sure I cater to the whims and fussiness of each of them – I swear mixing feeds for horses is a lot less taxing.

A summary of stuff that’s been happening since I last updated you all with my blog:

Wallaby Hill   - I broke the voodoo of the Pre Novice track! ( hopefully not a one off!)

Berrima ODE -  I did my first ever one star!  Yippee!  It was amazing to finally achieve a goal that’s been in the back of my mind for at least 15 years.  The whole experience was fantastic – even the dressage was entertaining - I had fully expected to forget the test, and was concentrating so much on that I wasn’t constantly worrying about how badly I was riding! 

As usual, I was so worried about the show jumping that for an hour before the course was built, my pulse was sitting around 100bpm, and once it was set I reckon it skyrocketed.  My round wasn’t that flash with a stop, which then ultimately resulted in elimination as Astro took great offence to me disciplining him.  My XC round was incredibly enjoyable – with Astro realising at about jump #3 that he’s need to stretch a bit more than he was used to doing.  Riding into the water complex (in the pouring rain) with the crowd all cheering me on is something I’ll never forget.  Thanks everyone for your encouragement.



Summer holidays – this summer here in Canberra has been much cooler than usual, so we’ve not swum in the pool nearly as much, which meant entertaining the kiddies has been a trifle wearing (Mothers will read between the lines here I am sure!)

Show jumping in Jindabyne – We look the family and Astro up to Jindabyne to compete in the snowy mountains festival – a few show-jumping friends commented – what are you doing here? (Like eventers don’t jump over coloured poles?)  And it was great to see so many familiar faces there – look out – eventers are taking over the world!  Congratulations also to all us eventers – many of the officials there commented to me that eventers as a whole are a very helpful group, and not above helping out with ring building and packing up, so well done!

Canberra ODE We’ve been getting ready for the next event on the 28th Feb and 1st March.  This weekend is also the weekend of the Canberra Royal show, so we are struggling to find helpers – so if anyone is going to be coming to the event, please don’t be shy, come and see me and I’ll be very grateful!

Coming up this weekend is Wallaby Hill event – I can’t believe how quickly the season is starting again – and I really hope I can still fit into my competition breeches – they were a bit tight at Jindabyne.


Hopefully I see some of you there,