Rebel Morrow

"Who doesn’t want to buy a horse for $300 and take it to the Olympics?"Rebel Morrow did just that but she has some advice for those contemplating taking on an off the track thoroughbred 

April will see me hitting the road again, and reconnecting with my mates down south.  My trip will be chock full of clinics, my own training, and competitions.  The horse box will be plugging along, with the well-travelled hats, to Newcastle, Albury, Werakata Farms, and Camden........

"What’s my message this month? Schedule time in your life away from your day-­‐to-­‐day routines and worries" says Rebel Morrow who is just back from a big trip to the US of A

"Like most professional riders, I have to pay my way in this sport. And this year I’ve been focusing on building and growing my business" Rebel Morrow was disappointed to miss riding at Adelaide and tells us why her focus has been elsewhere in the past 12 months

Rebel Morrow is busy gearing up for the Queensland International 3DE but has some good help at home in the shape of intern Sarah Kann

You know the old saying - there’s no “I” in team and it was a team of supporters who helped Rebel Morrow get through the big week of competition during the Sydney Eventing Winter Classic

Blogger Rebel Morrow goes back to basics and asks the question 'How much are we feeding our horses and are they getting what they really need?'

New blogger, Rebel Morrow, tells us why it's important to listen to your horse and also lets us in on what her plans are for this year  ... including Sydney's Mardi Gras

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