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4 Star Membership Options

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Benefits for our 5* Members

 Our 5* Membership Programme offers even more benefits and new pricing 

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Monthly membership AU$8 (approx. £4) Trial Offer $1**

Annual membership now AU$88 (approx. £45)

Monthly Upgrade to Annual now AU$80 (approx. £41)


Subscriber-Only Content

Access all subscriber-only content wherever and whenever you like

Event coverage by the best equestrian writers and photographers in the world - browse our photo galleries here

Immersive experiences with exclusive video and audio content available nowhere else

Advert-free scrolling. No pop-ups. No auto-play videos. No click-bait. Just a clean, easy reading experience

In-depth interviews with eventing’s most interesting people 

Live and learn; Training features and Lifestyle articles from around the world of eventing


Cross Country Videos

Save money

Purchase your cross country video for just AU$90 or approx. £50 (Non-member AU$100 or approx. £55)

Download file

Now available only to current 5* members. Download your video file to keep or share on social media

Public or private?

For no extra cost, members can choose to have your video shown publicly or privately. Control your privacy settings as and when you wish as a 5* member

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Video Member Pricing
Year Watch Download Private
2020/21 $90/£47
2019 $63/£33
2018 $44/£23
2017/16/15 $30/£16

Video Non Member Pricing

Year Watch Download / Private
2020/21 $100/£55
2019 $75/£40
2018 $56/£30
2017/16/15 $42/£22

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Win genuinely nice things.

We love brightening your month by giving away all types of terrific treats. All you do is enter online to win products from some of the best brands in the equestrian world

Plus, more benefits we know you’ll love coming soon ........

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