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Advertiser enquiries

Web advert file specifications

Top Banner  610 pixels x 100 pixels
Side Banner Large  300 pixels x 300 pixels
Side Banner Medium  300 pixels x 160 pixels
Side Banner Small  300 pixels x 100 pixels

All sizes are width x depth

All adverts are to be supplied at 72 ppi (pixels per inch) resolution

The preferred file format is JPEG


Note to Microsoft Office users
The above specifications will make perfect sense to graphic designers and users of the Adobe Creative Suite.
If you happen to be using MS Word or other non-Adobe software it may sound Greek to you.
If you don't understand pixels and resolution, or you can't make your software fit those specifications, simply halve the measurements and change them to millimetres. (i.e. Side Banner Small = 150 mm x 50 mm)
As long as the file is in the same proportions as the measurements above, and the file can be saved as a JPEG or PDF, the team at An Eventful Life can adjust the file for you.


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