Calmsden 2019 | An Eventful Life

Calmsden 2019

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at

Calmsden Horse Trials

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abigail L Dean Castlekelly Richie Novice Buy
Ada Marson Just Paddington Pony Trials Buy
Alex Norris Iris Nobile BE100 Buy
Alexa Marks Tristan Hill Novice Buy
Alexander Whewall Meridianway Ramzes Boy Novice Buy
Alexander Whewall Liburante BE100 Buy
Ali Wilkes Wanna Beegud Novice Buy
Alice Dunsdon Jane In Waiting BE100 Buy
Alice Hooper Sunders Dario Novice Buy
Alice Peet Whipper Snapper Ii Novice Buy
Alicia Hawker Novaturient Novice Buy
Alicia Hawker Dis Lui D Aoz Novice Buy
Alicia Hawker Dubious Dexter Novice Buy
Alison Gill Kellistown Mark Open Novice Watch
Alison Gill Crockmore Just A Gigilo Novice Buy
Alison Gill Cavalier Co Star Novice Watch
Alize Coupet Cotswold Choir Boy Novice Buy
Amelia Walker Csf Dassett Decoy Novice Buy
Amelia Walker Sweet Deal Novice Buy
Andrea James Our Larry Novice Watch
Andrew James Gambler Iv Novice Buy
Andrew Winterton Taste The Flavour BE100 Buy
Angus Humfrey Artina V Novice Buy
Anna Taylor Irish Encounter BE100 Buy
Annabel Strawson Clonshire El Chappo BE100 Buy
Annie McMillan Mambo No Five BE100 Buy
Antonia Chennells Crispy Novice Buy
Archie Tulloch Shinglis Joe Pony Trials Buy
Beatrice Montgomerie The Texas Ranger Pony Trials Buy
Becky Scammell Devonhayes Lucky Star Novice Buy
Becky Woolven Tullabeg Springtime BE100 Buy
Becky Woolven Bounty Castle Novice Buy
Bella Butterworth Amoroso Gigi Z Novice Watch
Ben Way Direct Cruz Novice Buy
Ben Way Annsfort Simba Novice Buy
Bernie Wharfe Geko Novice Buy
Caroline Hutton Royal Star Iv BE100 Watch
Carys Reynolds Celcius Novice Buy
Cassandra Price Garryard King Augustus BE100 Buy
Charlotte Agnew Global Amaretto BE100 Buy
Charlotte Agnew Hamiro Novice Buy
Charlotte East Hindoctro Novice Buy
Charlotte Faulkner Archimedes X Novice Buy
Charlotte Youatt Kilglass Standalone BE100 Watch
Chiara Conze Randalstown Commando Novice Watch
Chloe Brown Carranduna Diamond Novice Buy
Chloe Fitzgerald Rhinestone Vaquero Novice Buy
Chloe Fitzgerald Im The One Novice Buy
Chloe Vestey Kmr Finasco Novice Buy
Craig Barr Dassett Empire Novice Buy
Craig Barr Caramba Z BE100 Buy
Daisy Berkeley Nps Devon Open Novice Watch
Daisy Waldock Whats The Craic BE100 Buy
Daniele Bizzarro Stormhill Riot Novice Buy
Danielle Frost Clonfad Midnight Novice Buy
Danielle Frost Keamore Darco Novice Buy
David Britnell Osborne Stardust Novice Buy
David Britnell Csf Why Me BE100 Buy
David Britnell Continuum Novice Buy
David Doel Royal Conquest Novice Buy
Debbie Cawley Riverstown Buccaneer BE100 Buy
Devon Street Bee Positive Open Novice Buy
Dickon Reader Tempest Wick Novice Buy
Dickon Reader Free 4 All Novice Buy
Dickon Reader Storm Clara Novice Watch
Elaine Tragett Drumin Miller Novice Watch
Elizabeth Barratt Noble Superman Pony Trials Buy
Ella Bubb Happiness Dhi Novice Buy
Ella Bubb Hardy Iii Novice Buy
Ella Flanagan Cadiz Novice Buy
Ella Flanagan You Two Bill Novice Buy
Ellen Goodwin Izibanta Novice Buy
Ellie Clist Cutton Bentley Novice Watch
Emilia Andrade-Brown Lislaird Barney Pony Trials Buy
Emily Young-Jamieson Dunges Bollinjer Novice Buy
Erin Jennings Night Fury Pony Trials Watch
Flo Carter Auburn Dun Novice Buy
Georgie Spence The Secret Jewel Novice Buy
Georgie Spence Homerus BE100 Buy
Georgie Strang Just Cawrus Girl BE100 Buy
Georgie Strang Cooley Aramis Novice Buy
Georgie Strang Global Halifax BE100 Watch
Ginny Howe Chf Archie Novice Buy
Ginny Howe About Time Too V Open Novice Buy
Giorgio Nardilli Cuillan Hills Open Novice Buy
Giorgio Nardilli Rhythm N Blues Ii BE100 Buy
Grace Taylor Invite Only BE100 Buy
Gudrun Dean Tricolore Open Novice Buy
Harriet Beeby Wynn Wilma Bobby Pony Trials Buy
Harriet George Challenge Accepted Novice Buy
Harriett Beaumont Carrickview Tip Top BE100 Buy
Harry Dzenis Gulf Stream Iii Novice Watch
Harry Dzenis Isington Irish Spirit Novice Watch
Harry Rowcliffe My Kiltealy Sandstorm Novice Buy
Hector Baker Colour Me In Novice Buy
Hector Payne Brendonhill Symba Novice Buy
Imogen Gloag Quarrycrest Illusion Novice Buy
Imogen Humphrey Summer Silversteen BE100 Buy
Isla Read Kato Ridge Open Novice Watch
Islay Riddick Tullibards Broccadonething Pony Trials Buy
Jane Felton A Touch Of Arkan BE100 Buy
Jasmine Abraham Genuine Pearl Open Novice Buy
Jaya O?neill Scarlett O Tara Open Novice Buy
Jenna Jewitt Ballinahinch Jack Open Novice Buy
Jenny Yate Sannanvalley Kingdom BE100 Buy
Jess Corser Mister Biggs BE100 Buy
Jess Corser Miss Indigo Open Novice Buy
Jessica Storrar Lord Clover Open Novice Buy
Johnny Hornby Shadow Garcia BE100 Watch
Julia Zorab Treliver Dilly The Pink BE100 Buy
Kate Honey Lecarrow Watermill Novice Buy
Kate Honey Hazard Z BE100 Buy
Katie Davis Dhi Bounce Open Novice Buy
Kitty Ratcliffe Gentle King Of Diamonds BE100 Buy
Laura Bingham Peasedown Lord Lyon Pony Trials Watch
Laura Milner Closhaun Hello Novice Buy
Laura Runciman Soviet Star Novice Buy
Lauren Dallison Ete Rose Novice Watch
Leanne Webber Good Friday Xi BE100 Buy
Lena Saxe Charter 08 M2s Novice Watch
Lexi Hart Native Song BE100 Buy
Lily Beckley Monroe Lad Pony Trials Buy
Lily De Lacy Rainstown Jonny Novice Buy
Lizzie Scholefield Ultimatt Open Novice Buy
Lizzie Scholefield Headdon Bewitched BE100 Buy
Louisa Lockwood Crumlinpark Genie Open Novice Buy
Louise Harwood Carlingfords Hes A Clover Novice Buy
Louise Harwood Brechfa Ietta BE100 Buy
Louise Harwood Baloutero BE100 Buy
Louise Scammell Heathcliff Iii Novice Buy
Lucie Guano Dent Cuvera Novice Buy
Lucie Wells Knockeevan Lad BE100 Buy
Lucy Collecott Ipw A Bit Of Banter Novice Watch
Mark Ford Emorka P Open Novice Buy
Mia Allison Fine Novice Buy
Michael Winter American Express Novice Buy
Nancy Eadie Sycamore Lad Pony Trials Buy
Natasha Brent Mini Bubble Open Novice Buy
Nicholas Lucey Promiscuous Girl BE100 Buy
Nicholas Lucey Samarkand Open Novice Buy
Nick Gauntlett Saxon Morning Novice Buy
Nick Gauntlett Morning Finale BE100 Buy
Nicola Pack Cooley Countdown BE100 Buy
Nicole D Biggs Killbunny Silver BE100 Buy
Olivia Haddock Gleann Rua Royale Pony Trials Buy
Panda Christie Loobrhu Gingers Swatch Novice Buy
Phoebe Broadhead Oidens Wivollet Vanbeek BE100 Buy
Poppy Burner Ballylean Caster Pony Trials Buy
Rebecca Hill Cill Eoghain Lady Novice Watch
Richard Evans Tyger Tyger BE100 Buy
Rodney Powell Dodington BE100 Buy
Rodney Powell Wonham Free B Novice Buy
Rodney Powell Walaadli Novice Buy
Roo Fox Mademoiselle Vd Oude Molenhoeve BE100 Watch
Roo Fox Faerie Mikado Novice Buy
Rosie Thomas Mill Dancer Open Novice Buy
Rosie Thomas Another Morning Novice Buy
Roxi Foster Dalsaans Hasty Prince Open Novice Buy
Ruth Burnard Godington Trasimeno Open Novice Buy
Ruth Burnard Godington Pambula BE100 Buy
Sally Taylor Evening Sun Novice Buy
Samantha Brown Westwood Appeal Novice Buy
Sarah Way Rock De Boat BE100 Buy
Sarah Way Callista Clover BE100 Buy
Stella Bunn Renkum Capitano Novice Buy
Tatiana Brent Jubilee Fanfaere BE100 Buy
Tayla Mason Westlink BE100 Buy
Tayla Mason Elixir D'airolle BE100 Buy
Thomas Tulloch Zipped Up Novice Buy
Tim Price Happy Boy Open Novice Buy
Tim Price Midnight Galaxy BE100 Buy
Tim Price Chevalian Torpedo Novice Buy
Tim Rogers Maclaren Novice Buy
Tom Bird Brockington Jessie Hall Novice Buy
Tom Grant Arizona La Seconda BE100 Watch
Tom Grant Fortwood Coco BE100 Buy
Tom McEwen Brookfield Braveheart BE100 Buy
Tom McEwen Showtime BE100 Buy
Tom McEwen Royal Spring Novice Buy
Toni Dimond First Impression Vii Novice Buy
Valentine Tourres Lumbrera W Open Novice Buy
Valentine Tourres Barnabys Princess Novice Buy
Verity Leggett Badgerhill Melody Pony Trials Buy
Victoria Clarke Borghese Novice Buy
Victoria Heleno Gavroche Ii Novice Buy
Victoria Mitchell Nothing A Way Novice Buy
Vittoria Panizzon Billy Elliott Iv Novice Buy
Vittoria Panizzon Ghost Buster Fortuna Hh Open Novice Buy
Vittoria Panizzon Strawberry Switchblade BE100 Watch
William Fox-Pitt Taverna Tony Novice Buy
William Fox-Pitt Better Together Ii BE100 Buy
Zoe Colegrave So Tell Me More BE100 Buy