Chilham Castle (2) 2019 | An Eventful Life

Chilham Castle (2) 2019

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at

Chilham Castle (2)

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Read our Event Preview and Event Reports (Saturday, Sunday and full wrap-up)



Rider Horse Class Status
Aaron Otway Dreamworks Desire BE100 Buy
Abi Scott Camarnaint Rambler BE90 Buy
Adele Ayton Walterstown Lad BE80 Buy
Aidan McGinley Mr Skips BE90 Open Buy
Ailsa Wates Kandy King 5 Year Old Buy
Alana Sparrow Angels Spirit BE100 Buy
Albert Padfield Crafty Fernhill BE100 Buy
Alex Martin Blazing Desert Jasmine BE90 Buy
Alex Peters Cairnview Momentum Novice Buy
Alex Wyatt Countess Cavalier BE100 Buy
Alfie J Sturley Ubranco Uk CCI2*-S Buy
Alice Ashby Direct Region BE90 Open Buy
Alice Barnes Yallowley Hls Lucy BE90 Buy
Alice Bowen Billy Bartlett Novice Buy
Alice Fulton Sete Sereno BE80 Buy
Alice Marjot Touch N Go BE80 Buy
Alice Thompson Kiltale Drew BE100 Buy
Alison Burns Professor Sprout BE100 Plus Buy
Alison Cooke Arkansas Royal Lady BE90 Buy
Alycia Port Zaire Iii BE100 Buy
Alycia Port Second Edition Ii BE100 Buy
Alyson Parker Pebbly Grand Affair BE100 Plus Buy
Amelia Fish Newtown Prancer BE80 Buy
Amelia Sykes Spotlights BE100 Buy
Amelie Cruddace Rolster Street Daisy BE80 Buy
Amy Crosby Parkchurch Holly Berry BE90 Buy
Amy Foxley-Sander Fitz BE90 Buy
Amy Glenister Vicgernic BE80 Buy
Amy Hilton Ranger Wing Open Novice Buy
Andrew James Boho Silver Sand Novice Buy
Andrew James In Like Flynn CCI2*-S Buy
Andrew James Jazz Quartet 4 Year Old Buy
Andrew James Shannondale Warren Novice Buy
Anna Currie Domino Iii BE80 Buy
Anna Czylok Curolea Mika Open Novice Buy
Anna Hollis At The Limit BE90 Watch
Anna Taylor Irish Encounter Open Novice Buy
Annabel Davies Ballymackey Lass BE90 Buy
Annalie McCormack Regatta Girl BE100 Open Buy
Annie Barwell Tinnerath John BE80 Buy
Annie Ho Lost In Translation CCI2*-S Buy
Anthony Binks Gray Thriller BE90 Buy
Archie Humfrey Landine BE100 Open Buy
Ashleigh Bampton Dessies Super Star BE90 Buy
Bea Andrew Cavalier Harlequin BE80 Buy
Becky Morrish Kilsallagh Cathal BE100 Open Buy
Becky Morrish Hsh High Hopes BE90 Buy
Bethan Griffin Chequers Ii BE90 Buy
Bethany Cole Fronerthig Bendigeidfran BE90 Watch
Bethany Shipley Fancy That BE90 Buy
Beverley Mattelaer Headdon Diamond Lil BE100 Buy
Bindi Vereker Lachain Jack BE100 Buy
Bridget Priest Culmore Frank BE80 Watch
Bridget Seager Rosemeadow Belle BE90 Buy
Briony Simpson Billy Purple BE90 Buy
Callum Banfield Bad Boy D Allez Open Novice Buy
Callum Banfield Kivaldi CCI2*-S Buy
Callum Banfield Diamond BE80 Buy
Camilla Kruger Three Chimneys Graffiti BE100 Buy
Camilla Kruger Go Fly BE100 Open Buy
Camilla Kruger Ashapurna BE90 Open Buy
Caroline Day I Faberges Boy Open Novice Buy
Ceri Humphrey Pairc An Faoi Foxy BE80 Buy
Charlie Buss Orangyboom Voltaire BE90 Buy
Charlotte Bull Cyber Rocket BE100 Open Buy
Charlotte Bull Macadam Jewel BE100 Plus Buy
Charlotte Bullick Cicero Van De Vive La Vie CCI2*-S Buy
Charlotte Hilton Elektras Prince Charming BE100 Open Watch
Charlotte Kennedy Ricardo Red Novice Buy
Charlotte Mount Kerching BE100 Plus Buy
Charlotte Tappenden Loganlea Irco BE80 Buy
Chloe Macdonald Confidence Trick BE90 Buy
Chloe Petts Darcey X BE80 Watch
Christina Wiederkehr Lilas Girl CCI2*-S Buy
Christine Smith Primitive April Novice Buy
Christopher Baker Gemini Vii BE90 Buy
Claire Cherry Woverlino BE90 Buy
Claire Fielding Walk In The Park BE90 Buy
Claire Fielding Fernando Iv CCI2*-S Watch
Claire Slater Jimmy X BE80 Buy
Claire Yearsley Hillviewfarm Anarchy BE80 Buy
Daisy Dollar Oslo Open Novice Buy
Daisy Hills Taurmore Buster BE100 Buy
Daisy Smith Seamus Xiii BE90 Buy
Daniel Colbourne Cooley Vacation Novice Buy
Daniel Ray Freddie M BE80 Watch
Daniel Tenchio Findon Flapjack BE100 Buy
Daniel Tenchio Hello Sunshine Ii BE100 Buy
Daniel Tenchio Findon Finality BE100 Open Buy
Daniel Townsend Chiddock Lord Of The Manor BE90 Buy
Danielle Giles Rumbolds Unique Gem BE90 Buy
Danielle McCormack Easton D Eclipse 5 Year Old Buy
Dean Milligan Taylors Minstrel BE80 Buy
Dulcie Sanders Worsenden Martha BE90 Buy
Eleanor Masters Smooth Criminal Iii BE90 Open Buy
Eleanor Masters Tanzanite Scarlet BE90 Open Buy
Eliza Crane Go Diego Go BE90 Buy
Eliza Fox-Pitt Lore Of The River Open Novice Buy
Elizabeth Ross Tulla Lady BE90 Buy
Ella Bubb Happiness Dhi BE100 Plus Buy
Ella Bubb Hardy Iii Novice Buy
Ella Mitchell Earth Star BE100 Buy
Ellie Beatty Penhill Dun To Pretty BE80 Watch
Ellie Rosewell Bright Delight BE90 Buy
Eloise Van Praagh Coolooney Gurteen BE90 Watch
Eloise Van Praagh Lydican Star BE100 Open Watch
Elsa Ireland The Baron BE100 Buy
Emily Baldwin Fune D Or M BE100 Open Buy
Emily Baldwin Rinwood Cooley Open Novice Buy
Emily Blew Jubilee Cruise Open Novice Buy
Emily Bradshaw Cape Cruiser BE90 Buy
Emily Clapham Landsbrook Magic Man BE90 Buy
Emma Baker Brockley Star BE100 Open Watch
Emma Balcombe Cariel More Boy BE100 Watch
Emma D'Angibau Mosstown Toby Open Novice Buy
Emma Handebeaux Marshlands Charisma BE100 Buy
Emma Payne Bedazzle BE100 Buy
Emma Pine Baile Na Croise BE90 Buy
Emma Robbins White Orchid BE90 Watch
Emma Shaw Unnamed BE100 Watch
Emma-Jane Turnbull Ogue Emerald Aria BE100 Buy
Evangeline Norwood Morning Star V BE90 Watch
Eve Mayes Jacksonlyn BE90 Open Buy
Evie Denton Longstone Royal Messiah BE80 Buy
Evie Kerry Dark Boy BE90 Buy
Ewan McCleave Smarticus BE90 Open Buy
Faye Potter Bombay Sapphire Viii BE90 Buy
Faye-Marie Smith Jigsaw Jack BE90 Buy
Fern Wilson Killea Colours BE90 Buy
Fiona Gordon-Clarke Tinnakill Golden Star BE90 Watch
Flora Elliott Diamond Zest BE100 Plus Buy
Flora Elliott Csf Just A Dream Novice Watch
Florence Selwood Dario Ii BE100 Open Buy
Francesca Brough Ferdi Iii CCI2*-S Buy
Franki Jarvis Obi Dazzled BE80 Buy
Frederica Finch Battlestown Breeze BE90 Buy
Freya Stockdale The Right Stuff BE80 Buy
Gaspard Maksud Woodlands Be Comical BE100 Buy
Gaspard Maksud Master Utah CCI2*-S Watch
Gaspard Maksud Zaragoza Ii Novice Buy
Gaspard Maksud Cado Louvo CCI2*-S Buy
Gaspard Maksud Tipperary Diamond Lux BE90 Buy
Genevieve Chapman Anderida Queretta BE90 Watch
George Hull Emmas Joy BE100 Open Buy
George Sturgis Enrico Open Novice Buy
Georgia Bartlett Jewel 5 Year Old Buy
Georgia Bartlett Coolrock Wacko Jacko CCI2*-S Buy
Georgia Murison Quizee Rascal BE80 Buy
Georgia Stephens Floyd Iv BE80 Buy
Georgie Fisk Browns Luck Novice Buy
Georgie Porter Bluewood Kassian BE90 Buy
Georgie Strang Ardeo Brigadier Open Novice Watch
Georgie Strang Speedwell 5 Year Old Watch
Georgie Ward Wicked Games BE90 Open Buy
Georgie Ward Ceaser BE90 Open Buy
Georgina Dunlavey Rapid Royal Ramona Qv BE80 Buy
Georgina Smart Be Delicious BE100 Plus Buy
Georgina Smart Cariel More Bouncer BE100 Plus Buy
Grace Gerry Diamond Jubilee Iii Ii BE90 Buy
Grace Gerry Illustrious Illusion BE80 Buy
Grace Hull Ahaltive Surprise BE100 Buy
Gussie Terry Savi Rose CCI2*-S Buy
Hannah Craft Sir Duke Ii BE90 Open Buy
Hannah Cullen Atkins Allsorts BE80 Buy
Hannah Jones Ballybrack Dancer BE90 Buy
Hannah Pack Dsf Sirrocco George BE90 Buy
Hannah Rix Whisper BE80 Buy
Hannah Stewart Skew Head BE90 Buy
Hannah Stout Mtoto Jack CCI2*-S Watch
Harriet Colderick Champagne Fever BE100 Buy
Harry Scott Camlough Fabio BE80 Buy
Hayley Vowels Greenvale Delicia CCI2*-S Watch
Heidi Reed Ilar Vincent BE90 Buy
Helen Driscoll Billy Xiii BE90 Open Buy
Helen Fraser Justanumber BE100 Buy
Helen Myles Nice As Pie BE90 Open Watch
Helen Philo Juno Limit 5 Year Old Buy
Helena Dunlavey Global Traveller BE80 Watch
Henrietta Meddings Martin S BE90 Buy
Hilary Moon Cartonreagh Willie BE90 Buy
Hilary Thorburn Pearl Pat BE100 Buy
Holger Vieten In Xanadu BE90 Open Buy
Holly Bateman Amazing Grace BE80 Watch
Holly Gladders Super Snoop Ii BE80 Buy
Hugh Train Jesmond Jasmine BE100 Buy
Hugh Train Jesmond Shakala BE80 Buy
Imogen McMurray Coolrock Spit Fire BE100 Plus Buy
Imogen Ross Smith African Blues BE90 Buy
Imogen Ross Smith Tajas BE80 Buy
India Hewitt The Hornblower BE100 Plus Buy
Isabel Hooley Hermosa Bella BE90 Open Buy
Isabella Rowland Pleasant Arkansas BE90 Buy
Isla Martin Grand Cru E BE90 Buy
Isla Martin Beauty Andy BE80 Buy
Isobel Carlill Corgary Voltaire BE100 Buy
Isobel Carlill Springwell Ben BE100 Buy
Isobel Spence Silver Nancy BE80 Buy
Izzy Hall Greenvale Altered Image CCI2*-S Watch
Jake Tarrant Trojan Odyssey BE90 Buy
Jake Tarrant Theres Waldo BE90 Buy
James Harradine Hooper Harradine BE100 Open Buy
James Robinson Starry Eyed BE100 Buy
James Stocker Arabella Pfb 5 Year Old Buy
James Stocker The Dominator Pfb 5 Year Old Buy
Janet Hyde Carra Lad BE80 Buy
Janet Phillips Mozaik BE80 Buy
Jasmin Vincent Rca William Bishop BE90 Open Buy
Jasmine Wilks Harestone CCI2*-S Buy
Jasmine Wilks Colwills Silver Hill BE100 Buy
Jasmine Wilks Lough Derg Joe BE90 Buy
Jenna Emmerton Dovers Copper Boy BE80 Buy
Jennifer Garrard Sillogue Misty BE80 Buy
Jennifer Hossack Sligo Flash Again BE100 Plus Buy
Jennifer Rowlinson Come Along Springtime CCI2*-S Watch
Jennifer Rowlinson Drumhowan Rolex From Texas BE90 Watch
Jenny Hawkes Frankly Open Novice Buy
Jess Pearce Spot The Dun BE90 Buy
Jessica J Hawkes Ri Alann BE90 Buy
Jessica Lee Mustn't Grumble BE90 Open Watch
Jessica Simpson Leonardo BE80 Buy
Jessica Telford Huntingfield Pemberley BE100 Watch
Jethro Thompson Splendix Novice Watch
Jodie Moore Barr Na Ruby BE90 Buy
Joe Lethbridge Zoppah Karla Open Novice Buy
Joe Lethbridge Oakwood Romeo 5 Year Old Buy
Johnny Hornby Fernhill Candy Stone 5 Year Old Watch
Jordana Marston Curraghkyle Silver Brumby BE90 Buy
Josephine M Cottee Brendan Ii BE80 Buy
Joshua Sully Ocknell Top Spot BE80 Buy
Julia Rogers Majestic Drifter BE90 Buy
Julia Sorman Cosinilla BE90 Open Buy
Julie Boss Nebelwerfer BE80 Buy
Julie Offen Idann T BE100 Plus Buy
Justine Fordham Kilcandra Rambo Ray BE100 Buy
Kadiya Qasem Marcel BE90 Open Buy
Karen McCoy Glynceirch Brenin Lliw BE90 Watch
Kate Beier White Stripes BE90 Buy
Kate Ludden Saorise Banuil BE90 Buy
Kate Sim Read Faerietale Peter Pan Novice Watch
Kathryn Evans Ashleys Lad BE80 Buy
Kathy Staples Billy Elliot Iv BE90 Buy
Kathy Staples Shanbo Basil BE80 Buy
Katie Berriman Davies Mgh Kings Street CCI2*-S Buy
Katie Clyne Breeogue Breeze BE90 Watch
Katie Farrant Wishful Thinking Ii BE90 Buy
Katie Higgins Tir Na Nog Shadow CCI2*-S Buy
Katie Hipkins Martins Irish Warrior BE100 Buy
Katie Long Fine Tune BE90 Buy
Katie Preston Templar Juno BE100 Plus Watch
Katie Prowse Ballinglen Codas Last 4 Year Old Buy
Katie Prowse Glenomra Delux BE100 Buy
Katie Prowse Unnamed (cavan) 4 Year Old Buy
Katie Prowse Clashgannon Way 5 Year Old Buy
Katy Lawrence Merlin Mix BE90 Watch
Katy Lawrence Whitemoors First Flight BE100 Buy
Katy Lawrence Nip Down The Jug BE80 Watch
Kiera Whiteman Pipers Last Stand BE90 Buy
Kim Hayward Oliver Of Sky BE90 Buy
Kimberley S Harman Coldwater Bay BE80 Buy
Kira Richer River House Lass BE90 Buy
Kirsten Poulsom C Me In Oz BE90 Buy
Kirsty McIntosh Troy Xiii BE90 Buy
Lara Jackson King Kong Kenny CCI2*-S Buy
Laura Geary Dinero BE100 Open Buy
Laura Geary Creme De La Creme Z Novice Buy
Laura K Gordon Carramore Boy Novice Buy
Laura Schroter Hh Monbeg Vogue 5 Year Old Buy
Laura Walker Charlot BE90 Buy
Lauren Davis The Grand Artist BE100 Buy
Leah Faircloth Diamond Life Ii BE90 Buy
Leo Carroll Sea Mermaid BE90 Open Buy
Leo Norwood Lookout Finn Mccool BE90 Buy
Lily Marsh Hawkeye Blue BE100 Buy
Lisa Stock Ernietime Now BE90 Buy
Livi Hosking Circus Ringmaster Open Novice Buy
Lizzie Stunt Mighty Mata BE100 Buy
Louise Bradley Masked Bandit BE90 Buy
Louise Tullett Bushmeadow Poetry In Motion BE90 Watch
Lucia Barlow Boggy Bracken BE90 Open Buy
Lucinda Humphreys Cairnview Carisma BE100 Open Buy
Lucy Gasston Rockhill Dynasty CCI2*-S Buy
Lucy Gasston Smart Colours BE90 Buy
Lucy Gasston Nelgorde Naheez BE100 Open Buy
Lucy K Wheeler What A Fella Ii BE90 Buy
Lucy K Wheeler Bannerfarm Quality Novice Buy
Lucy K Wheeler The Big Cat BE90 Buy
Lucy Kitching Sallybog Lisa Lu BE90 Open Buy
Lucy Pocock Borthwickshiels Sasha BE80 Watch
Lucy Witts Ballintogher Belle Open Novice Buy
Lucyanna Westaway Django Untrained BE100 Plus Buy
Luke Thompson Conzalez M Open Novice Buy
Maddie Abbott Millie Xiii BE90 Buy
Maddie Hornby Rivercourt Boy BE100 Open Watch
Maddie Walters Keela Jane BE100 Plus Buy
Maddison Peries Class Jewel BE80 Buy
Maddison Peries Outward Bound BE80 Watch
Mahrie Taylor Dusty Martin BE80 Buy
Maisie Morgan Says All 4 Year Old Buy
Marcus Cook Lonrach BE80 Buy
Mariella Savage Josie Jump BE80 Buy
Martin Thomas Cedro CCI2*-S Buy
Martin Thomas Electric Online Novice Buy
Martin Wright Mays Lane BE100 Buy
Mary Welch Its Mine Ii BE90 Buy
Matthew Perry The Grey Fellow BE100 Buy
Matthew Selby The Glorious Fox BE90 Buy
Matthew Selby Fleetwater Capriccio BE100 Plus Buy
Matthew Selby No Way Back BE90 Buy
Matthew Selby Inus Ph BE100 Buy
Megan Cole Classic Bandit BE90 Buy
Melanie Edwards Gamble On Star Diamond CCI2*-S Buy
Melissa Joannides Prometheus Ii CCI2*-S Buy
Melissa Joannides Golly Gosh BE100 Plus Buy
Melissa Joannides Woodfield Gold BE90 Open Watch
Michelle Whatley Truly Believe BE80 Buy
Michelle Wilson Kanae Legacy BE90 Buy
Millie Hall Ukolelee Roc O Cerf BE80 Buy
Millie White Jewels Rox Vd Vluchtdijk BE100 Buy
Mimo Sandford Delaroche Fast N Furious BE90 Open Buy
Minna Erith Monza Open Novice Buy
Miranda Kelly Perri BE100 Buy
Miranda Kelly Marty's Boy BE80 Buy
Miranda Staveley Mbf Catwalk BE90 Buy
Molly Faulkner Jozikara 5 Year Old Buy
Molly Faulkner Finesse 372 BE100 Open Buy
Myles West Hatrick Ii Novice Buy
Myles West Efs A Little Contender BE90 Buy
Myles West Grand Revolution BE100 Buy
Naomi Lawrence Jaguar Sf 5 Year Old Buy
Naomi Lawrence Jaimy 5 Year Old Buy
Natalie Anscombe George Xvi BE80 Buy
Natalie Light Luxey BE100 Open Buy
Natalie Light Masters Touch BE90 Buy
Natallie Lindfield Monbeg Kerrygold BE100 Watch
Nelly Pearse Solis BE90 Open Buy
Nicola Benson Hank Williams BE90 Buy
Nicola Welch Rebel Sky BE100 Buy
Nicola Welch Killossery Kapone BE90 Buy
Nina Shuttlewood Sunsprite Floribunda BE80 Buy
Noor Slaoui Callista Du Mazes CCI2*-S Buy
Noor Slaoui Cash In Hand CCI2*-S Buy
Oliver Levy Fraggle Rock Vi BE90 Buy
Olivia Bartlett Early Spring Open Novice Buy
Olivia Watts Agher Spotted BE90 Buy
Ollie Martin Mih Harlequin BE100 Buy
Ollie Martin Martins Irish Eddie CCI2*-S Watch
Ollie Martin Mih Gladiator 5 Year Old Buy
Pamela Fletcher Drumhowan Fly Be Cool BE80 Buy
Paris Gainsford John Brown BE100 Open Buy
Paul Marshall Native Bob BE80 Buy
Paul Mitchell Totty Fay BE90 Buy
Pauline Ticehurst Balklands Mon Ammie BE90 Buy
Phoebe Gale By Design Ii Novice Buy
Phoebe Prideaux Isington Red Faerie BE100 Open Buy
Polly Hutton Northern Territory BE90 Buy
Poppy Barr Billy Waffle BE90 Buy
Rebecca Crawford Dollys Daydream Ii BE100 Buy
Rebecca Relph Nls Cool Delta Dawn BE90 Buy
Robbie Bell Rathnageera Casino Royal BE80 Buy
Robyn Fuller Valkero BE80 Watch
Rose Carnegie La Petite Soeur 5 Year Old Buy
Rose Carnegie Jumboree BE100 Buy
Rose Carnegie Sister Sue Novice Buy
Rosey Hill Rathmanna Hope BE80 Watch
Rosey Hill Its Smee Time BE90 Buy
Rosey Hill Tres Jolie Ii BE100 Plus Buy
Russell Stevens Graceful Diamond Ii BE80 Buy
Ruth Chandler Shaolin Novice Buy
Sally Guildford Newtown Imp BE90 Buy
Sally Randles Tipperary Almost Blue BE90 Buy
Sam Bennett Saratogas Sunshine BE90 Buy
Sam Jennings Star Coin BE90 Open Buy
Sam Jennings Gortglas Skye Clover BE80 Buy
Sam Sweeney Burntwood Sorrel BE100 Buy
Sam Sweeney Fernhill Smart Choice CCI2*-S Buy
Sam Sweeney Just A Jewel CCI2*-S Buy
Sam Sweeney Britannia Royal Novice Buy
Samantha Sheppard My Auburn Anna May BE80 Buy
Sarah Attwood Quality Gold 5 Year Old Watch
Sarah Bellamy Letterlough King Hector BE80 Watch
Sarah Bullimore Evita Ap 5 Year Old Buy
Sarah Bullimore Coroyale Open Novice Buy
Sarah Bullimore Coraguar 5 Year Old Buy
Sarah Bullimore Irish Trump Open Novice Buy
Sarah Copp Izzytoff Mv BE90 Buy
Sarah Crookenden Spring Around BE80 Buy
Sarah Gordon Clonleigh Strike BE100 Open Buy
Sarah Pemble Will She Be Dun BE80 Buy
Sarah Pickard Alimo Ii BE100 Plus Watch
Sarah Rosser Innishowens Law BE100 Open Buy
Sarah Rosser Boadicea Iv BE100 Buy
Scarlet Barwell Johns Grange BE90 Open Buy
Shari Butchart Merengo V T Dauwhof Novice Buy
Sonia Wilkes Leo's Luck BE90 Buy
Sophie Adams Ardnacashel Maximus BE90 Buy
Sophie Cole Sven Comer Q BE80 Buy
Sophie Gadd Violetta Ii BE80 Buy
Sophie Gadd Little Bunting BE80 Buy
Sophie Jackson Ardlea Alice Lady BE90 Buy
Sophie Lunshof Cum Laude Bright Z BE90 Watch
Stacey L Shimmons Primitive Night BE90 Buy
Stacey L Shimmons Sls Swatch BE80 Buy
Stefanie Brewington Imperio C BE100 Watch
Stephanie Rapley J. BE80 Buy
Stephanie Read Whitehill Boy BE90 Open Buy
Stephanie Read Equation BE90 Buy
Summer Jones Commanding Bob BE100 Open Buy
Susan Eggleton Gukato CCI2*-S Buy
Susan Grieve Primitive Huntsman BE90 Buy
Susan Grieve Fudley Mudley BE90 Buy
Susie Gladders Malteser Du Carel BE100 Open Buy
Suzanne Ashwell Rhomantic BE80 Watch
Suzie Coats Ishi Amy Novice Buy
Suzie Lunt Mr Cool Dude BE100 Buy
Sydnie Kelly Kilcoltrim Moana BE80 Buy
Tallulah Betts Acorn Iii BE90 Buy
Taryn Cole Lisky Brook BE90 Watch
Tasha Smith Bleannagloosanimo BE100 Buy
Tessa Hopcroft Pepperazzi BE90 Buy
Tom D Crisp Khamsin Tempest BE100 Buy
Tracy Bhalla Rathdrum Rose BE80 Buy
Verity Leggett Badgerhill Melody Novice Buy
Vicki-May Northover Hollypark Syrius BE100 Buy
Victoria Bax Albertas Pride BE100 Plus Buy
Victoria Benham Ballyneety Contador BE90 Buy
Victoria Collison Halvannas Diamond Girl BE90 Buy
Victoria Davis Guus BE80 Buy
Victoria Linfield Sparta Ii BE90 Buy
Victoria Linfield Pounsley Promise BE80 Buy
Victoria Voller Billy Mcadam BE100 Buy
Victoria Whiteman Strappy Lad BE90 Buy
Vivi Klenum-Pottinger Pictus Hotspot BE90 Buy
Wendy Neath Ferrero Rocher BE80 Buy
Will Furlong Troja Queen BE100 Open Buy
Will Furlong Adele 97 Open Novice Buy
Zara Cook Sliabh Ban Adam BE80 Buy
Zara Staples Zachie BE90 Buy
Zoe Blaauw Harrys Boy Ii BE90 Buy
Zoe Gould Musical Legend BE100 Plus Buy
Zoe Gould Factor Forty BE100 Plus Buy
Zoe Pinion The Comanch BE80 Watch
Zoe Price Clondargan Bobby BE90 Watch