Cholmondeley Castle 2019 | An Eventful Life

Cholmondeley Castle 2019

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at

Cholmondeley Castle

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Please note due to the persistent rain on Saturday we were only able to film BE90 classes



Rider Horse Class Status
Alex Smith Gordansfield Icicle BE90 Buy
Ali Berry Willow Leaf BE90 Buy
Alice Glennie Count Guido Deiro BE90 Watch
Alice Pickersgill Smilla Iv BE90 Watch
Alice Tracey Castle Carlo BE90 Buy
Amie Beacock Rock Bunn BE90 Buy
Amy Lloyd Aeron Celtic Tom BE90 Buy
Andrew Anderson Hidden Talent Ii BE90 Buy
Andrew Downes Gortmore Emerald Clover BE90 Buy
Annabel James Pebbly Grey Fox BE90 Buy
Annabel Mason Creevagh Charm BE90 Buy
Annie-rose Chantler Knolton Willow BE90 Buy
Beatrice Hammond Doe Bertie BE90 Buy
Beatrice Taylor Gvs Nice N Easy BE90 Buy
Becky Bosworth Dunraven Jacob BE90 Buy
Becky Bosworth Jaguar BE90 Buy
Becky Hartley Who's De Baby BE90 Watch
Caitlin Mockler Tilted Storm BE90 Watch
Cameron Kerr Dragon Du Clos BE90 Buy
Catherine Owen Celynnen Sparkling Gold BE90 Buy
Catrin Williams Camlough Pebble BE90 Buy
Cerys Thompson Hocus Pocus Vi BE90 Buy
Charlotte Clewlow Annagh Little Rosey BE90 Buy
Charlotte Dowell Siglan Rhapsody BE90 Buy
Charlotte Ward Afon BE90 Buy
Christine Mullarkey M C Zephyr BE90 Buy
Claire Finlayson Bp Silver BE90 Buy
Clara Edwards Motley Crew BE90 Buy
David Barrell Jalapeno Ii BE90 Buy
Diane Hargrove April Fool BE90 Watch
Edward Groves Conor Sir BE90 Buy
Eliza Rosselli Ballynoe Crosstown Diamond BE90 Buy
Ella Booth Ballinaclough Bill BE90 Buy
Elle Street White Hawk Zee Dot Com BE90 Buy
Ellie El Khamlichi Kilcorban Showman BE90 Buy
Emily Jarrett Whitemoors Hot Toddy BE90 Watch
Emily King Easy Tiger V BE90 Buy
Emily Phillips Frankie Iii BE90 Buy
Emily Plant Lawless Iv BE90 Buy
Emma Howard Clover Skippy Velvet BE90 Buy
Emma Jones Coolarne Echo BE90 Buy
Emma Rarity C S Bullet BE90 Buy
Francesca Weymouth Vattrick BE90 Watch
Gabriela Baxter Billy Castillo BE90 Buy
Gemma Barnes King Ed BE90 Buy
Gemma Witter Delinsky BE90 Buy
Georgie Brown Wickenhill Wiley Wisp BE90 Buy
Gillian Rosebury Greystones Gorgeous George BE90 Buy
Hannah Barnett Welton Chillipepper BE90 Buy
Harriet Mccormick Hillowan Nellie BE90 Buy
Hayley Mayer Charamba BE90 Buy
Heath Rosselli Maghera Boy BE90 Buy
Heidi O'brien Westside Downing St BE90 Buy
Heidi O'brien Scots Boy BE90 Buy
Helen Peel Lightning Lass BE90 Buy
Helena Broadley Bannagh Princess BE90 Buy
Isabella Jackson Talos Ii BE90 Buy
Jack Leese Bolacreen Lad BE90 Buy
Jaime Slinn Hayestown Ghareeb BE90 Buy
Jane Yorke Fergies Lady BE90 Buy
Janet Brereton Rusty Going On Silver BE90 Buy
Janice Edwards Ballinvella Joe BE90 Buy
Jennifer Stokes Moorlough Kate BE90 Buy
Jessica Wilson Lettermuckoo Prince BE90 Buy
Joanne Morland Wil Be Hsh Forever BE90 Buy
Joshua Noakes Nico BE90 Buy
Julia Edwards Pinball Wizard Ii BE90 Buy
Julie Jones Lucky Pursuit BE90 Buy
Karen Donaghue Noorje Roos Vanbeek BE90 Buy
Kathryn Wilding Clyde Pride BE90 Buy
Katy Holman Magic Circle Ii BE90 Buy
Keeley Thorpe Valentino Xix BE90 Buy
Keeva Stott Ardfield Betty BE90 Buy
Kerry Jones Gran Sebastian BE90 Buy
Kim Mace Dyffrynceiriog Flash Gordon BE90 Buy
Kimberley Manktelow Rilke BE90 Buy
Laura Grady Ex Victoire BE90 Buy
Laura Hanson Bonnie Release The Stars BE90 Watch
Laura Hanson Bonnie Ship Of Grace BE90 Watch
Laura Ridout Coolodge Sox BE90 Buy
Laura Smith Ucs Subaru BE90 Buy
Liam Cammack Grande 92 BE90 Buy
Lily Mccormack Maddockstown BE90 Buy
Lucy Ayres Loughehoe Leonardo BE90 Buy
Lucy Muir Woodford Jim BE90 Buy
Lucy Smith William Xviii BE90 Buy
Lyndsey Roberts Floki BE90 Buy
Lynne King Star Burst BE90 Buy
Maddie Maher Willoway Chicago BE90 Buy
Madison Heath Barrontop Penny BE90 Buy
Meg Davies The Night King BE90 Buy
Megan Lewis Murdoch Iv BE90 Buy
Megan Rudge Poynstown Charlie BE90 Buy
Mia Hughes Bee Master Cobra BE90 Buy
Millie Ralston Eclipse Bay BE90 Buy
Molly Downie Cloudy Skies BE90 Buy
Myfanwy Powell My Welcome Rebel BE90 Buy
Natalie Dean Springlebee Frou Frou Bounty BE90 Buy
Nicholas Johnson Charlies Approval BE90 Buy
Oliver Lofthouse Isnt It Special BE90 Buy
Olivia Windsor Kolczan BE90 Buy
Orla Stott Ardfield Lord BE90 Buy
Pietro De Marchi Jacardo BE90 Buy
Rachel Hughes Red Hill Aimee BE90 Buy
Rachel Hughes Elton B BE90 Buy
Rachel Martin Woodstock Millicent BE90 Watch
Rosalyn Morrison Saultys Skip To The Sea BE90 Buy
Rufus Taylor Cwmesgair Catatonia BE90 Buy
Rupert Drew Wexford Star BE90 Buy
Samantha Campling Scarlett Rose BE90 Buy
Sammie Webb French Clover BE90 Buy
Sara Moss-gibbons Chester Xxii BE90 Buy
Sarah Hamlyn Troubaritz BE90 Buy
Sarah Hayes Abbeyward Gold BE90 Buy
Sarah Hoyland Mr Dandy Man BE90 Buy
Sarah-Jane Haggas Otterburn Bertram BE90 Buy
Scarlett Hemingway Harthill Chico BE90 Buy
Sian Lind Aberllanerch Onyx BE90 Buy
Sophie Donnellan Cevins Cavalier BE90 Buy
Sophie Edmonds Lissyegan Magic BE90 Buy
Stephen Wilkinson My Mate Max BE90 Watch
Stuart Mcbride Glenidan Olympic Sky BE90 Buy
Stuart Shaw Carousel Lady BE90 Buy
Suzanne Watson Ard Killua Ii BE90 Watch
Sylvie Cunliffe Skellorn Realt Na Maidne BE90 Buy
Terri Danisevich Humdinger Hbc BE90 Buy
Tom Allen Indo Million BE90 Watch
Trudie Sitser Martletwy Emrys BE90 Buy
Tyler Cassells Call Me Hugh BE90 Buy
Vicki Ardern Silver Cloud Iii BE90 Buy
Victoria Jones Graf Portia BE90 Buy
Will Van Ufford Unnamed Ii BE90 Buy
Zennor Harvey Opera Hill BE90 Watch
Zoe Owen Bungowla Blue Cavalier BE90 Buy