EMDG Annual Open ODE 2019

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at

East Midlands Dressage Group Annual One Day Event

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abi Van Den Heever Irish Kelpie Novice Buy
Abigail Shaw Diamond Kitt Intro Watch
Adrian Buzzard Milners Premier Lady Open Buy
Alex Fishpool Dougal Intro Buy
Alex Hill Ballygriffin Doc Cider Novice Buy
Alex Hill Banbridge De Reve Novice Buy
Alex McNamara Termon Captain Intro Buy
Alex Postolowsky Eastern Gold Ii Open Buy
Alex Postolowsky Iden Van De Rosweide Novice Buy
Alice Holborow Dromore Island Intro Buy
Amelia Scholl Flintoff Novice Buy
Amelia Waterhouse Mojo Novice Buy
Amelia Waterhouse Rocky Open Buy
Amy Jones Casablanca Helena Novice Buy
Amy Marchant Black Bright Novice Buy
Amy Smith Sherry Triffle Novice Buy
Andy Collop Warwick Avenue Intro Buy
Angela Parkin Pallas Splash Intro Buy
Ann White Lord Nacally Open Watch
Anna Griffin Indiana Jane Z Novice Buy
Anna Tomlinson Rainbows Blaze Novice Buy
Annabel Brownfoot Dan Carraig Intro Watch
Annabel Strawson Clonshire El Chappo Novice Buy
Anne Sloman Glenmore Rainbow Intro Buy
Arabella Bealby Ardlonan Bob Intro Buy
Ashlene Bagshaw Troy Story Intro Buy
Becci Harrold Shannondale Gold Run Intro Buy
Beth Dyson Eleven Du Givre Novice Buy
Beth Eyles Abi Novice Buy
Boogie Machin Toux Primitive Open Buy
Catherine Jones Dave Novice Buy
Cathy Carter Primitive Catch Intro Buy
Charlotte Bartle Eye Eye Sally Intro Buy
Charlotte Beardsley Daintree Royal Ruby Intro Buy
Charlotte Dennis Urix D Lemps Open Buy
Charlotte Dennis Jemoon Wolken Dream Novice Buy
Charlotte Dennis Caunton Well Connected Open Buy
Charlotte Huband Melt Minerva Open Buy
Charlotte Kershaw Paddy Vi Intro Buy
Charlotte Woolerton Molly's Shadow Novice Buy
CharlotteElizabeth Barber Whiterose Eclipse Open Buy
Chelsea Round Ifnotwhynot Novice Buy
Chelsea Round Sweet Banks Royale Novice Buy
Chloe Davis Bo Jangles Intro Buy
Chloe Pearson Currabawn Candy Man Novice Buy
Chloe Pearson Kenobe Star Novice Buy
Chloe Pearson Jb Novice Buy
Christopher Whittle P G Withernay Novice Watch
Christopher Whittle Kilwaughter Storm Novice Buy
Christopher Whittle Skip Mill Open Buy
Christopher Whittle Kilwaughter Blade Open Buy
Claire Hallam Lizzie S Exclusive Limit Novice Buy
Clare Heppenstall Victoria Mills Intro Buy
Constance Copestake Ibantos Novice Buy
Constance Copestake Haudanum Imoo Novice Buy
Dawn Crichton Rio Ii Intro Watch
Debbie Meehan Ballinrobe Boy Intro Buy
Eleanor Robinson Ballycapple Symphony Intro Buy
Eliza Stoddart Othello Intro Buy
Eliza Stoddart Codebreaker Intro Buy
Eliza Stoddart Ramonda Intro Watch
Ellen Pritchard It S A Capitalist Open Buy
Ellen Pritchard It S A Carnival Society Novice Buy
Ellis Macmillan Wingman Intro Buy
Emilie Chandler Vivienne Du Carel Open Buy
Emily Cook Ryeland Arragon Intro Watch
Emily Grace Seapatrick Narco Open Buy
Emily Grace Venezuela Novice Buy
Emily Hill Ducal Silver Blade Novice Buy
Emily Hobson Casperina Open Buy
Emily Hobson High Light Open Buy
Emily Meredith Icarlos Novice Buy
Emma - Thorpe Treliver Dashley Novice Buy
Emma Austin Jackson Novice Buy
Emma Corner Edmonton Els Open Buy
Emma Corner Iamwotiam Open Buy
Emma Hawksby Southlands Thyme Limit Novice Buy
Emma Hawksby Rainton Rising Open Buy
Emma Hawksby Arctic Skippy Open Buy
Emma Haywood Amber Rose Novice Buy
Emma Ridyard Annual Leave Intro Buy
Eve Sadler-Wright Free Lolly Novice Watch
Fenella Selby Sunny Loot Intro Watch
Fiona Macdonald Spring Into Business Open Buy
Frere Buckland Come What July Novice Buy
Gemma Lund Phantom Lady Novice Buy
Georgia German Dia Van Bareelhof Z Novice Buy
Georgia Rutherford Lex Iv Novice Buy
Georgie Wood Dhi Libero Novice Buy
Georgina Bird Little Bellissimo Intro Buy
Grace Lumley Rise N Shine Novice Buy
Greta Mason Western General Novice Buy
Greta Mason Wsf Verona Novice Buy
Hannah Parr My Girl Diamond Diva Intro Buy
Harriet Deeming Johnboys Charlie Novice Buy
Harriet Falshaw Shannondale Sharona Open Buy
Harriet Sharman Riki Intro Buy
Harriet Walker Better Part Of Me Novice Buy
Harriette Howard Doctor Of Diplomacy Novice Watch
Hayley Walker Red Ruby Intro Buy
Hazel Palmer Indandel Novice Buy
Hazel Towers Frits Vd Tojope Hoeve Open Buy
Hazel Towers Trouble At The Mill (hc) Open Buy
Hazel Towers Emperor First Choice Girl Novice Buy
Hazel Towers Fuzzyfelt Novice Buy
Heather Elston Stormhill Starlight Intro Watch
Heidi Coy Jack Ass Novice Buy
Heidi Coy Royal A Fury Open Buy
Heidi Woodhead Homana Novice Buy
Heidi Woodhead Handsome Dhi Open Buy
Heidi Woodhead Gorgeous Dhi Open Buy
Helen Mountain Rath Buddy's Boy Intro Buy
Helena Belcher Chunky Marmalade Intro Buy
Henry Stott Windy Miller Open Buy
Hilary Buckby Koko Ii Intro Buy
Holly Richardson Caraghs Buffet Open Buy
Imogen Murray Jezebel Hdh Novice Buy
Imogen Murray Sjl Convince Me Open Buy
Imogen Thompson Fenella Intro Buy
India Nichols Buttercup Rose Novice Buy
India Nichols Adara James Novice Buy
Isabel White Indian Girl G Open Buy
Isabel White Sir Lehmann 2 Novice Buy
Jacky Beavan Quinquaginta Open Buy
Jaimee Broadley Carnmellyn Kings Law Novice Buy
Jane Burton Le Petit Diablotin Open Buy
Jennie Housley Aigle De La Mare Open Buy
Jennifer Deakin Danaway Sommersby Intro Buy
Jess Butler Indygo Blue Novice Watch
Jess Butler Drumalagagh Carrick Lady Novice Watch
Jess Butler Abc Sky Plus Open Buy
Jessica Jones Greenes Grey Mist Intro Buy
Jo Buckley Bazaars Inca Novice Watch
Jo Carlin Just William Iv Novice Buy
Jo Carlin Watermill Smooth Intro Buy
Jo Carlin Hiltje L Open Buy
Jo Wiper Darrews Joy Intro Buy
Jordan Kavanagh Miss Offaly Skippy Novice Buy
Jordan Kavanagh Kaf Novice Buy
Josh Bailey Volatis Taranis Novice Buy
Josh Bailey Mr Twist Intro Buy
Josie Paterson Don Glory Novice Buy
Josie Proctor Caprona (hc) Novice Buy
Josie Proctor Top Gun Novice Buy
Kate Broatch Trent Red Mexico Novice Buy
Kate Darby Little Newmarket Bob Intro Buy
Kate Dennis Eric The Red Open Buy
Kate Gorse-Brightmore Beau Salute Intro Buy
Kate Islip-Price Jasper Intro Watch
Kath Inman Monty Novice Buy
Katie Brickman Etasja Novice Watch
Katie Stephenson Sannabays Inferno Novice Buy
Katie Woodall Brave And Blazing Boy Novice Buy
Katy Williams Koko Vd Zoute Stables Novice Buy
Katy Wright Big John Iii Intro Buy
Kayley Pepper Lks Little Apple Intro Buy
Keeley Durham Chantilly Lace Iii Intro Buy
Kirsty Keeton Legends Of Law Intro Watch
Kristina Hall-Jackson Cms Google Open Buy
Kristina Hall-Jackson Killerisk Leo Novice Buy
Kristina Hall-Jackson Slaney Cruise Open Buy
Kristina Hall-Jackson Juela Intro Buy
Kristina Hall-Jackson Igor B Novice Buy
Laura Hall Dungar Blue Moon Novice Buy
Laura Ritchie-Bland Shadow Greenfield Novice Buy
Laura Ritchie-Bland Lord Aster Open Buy
Lauren Allin Tinraher Lad Novice Buy
Lauren Allin Waterford Ronnie Novice Buy
Lauren Blades San Fransisco Novice Buy
Lauren Blades Lissycremin Qt Novice Buy
Lauren Dolby Coolamber Just Cruising Intro Buy
Laurence Hunt Corlanau Armani Intro Watch
Laurence Hunt Tinkas Delite Intro Buy
Laurence Hunt Imperium Intro Buy
Laurence Hunt Juma Intro Buy
Leanne Cartwright Xander Novice Buy
Leanne Reynolds Kilpurcells Boy Novice Buy
Lisa Hamilton Sanbonani (hc) Intro Watch
Lizzie Baugh All About Gold Novice Buy
Lizzie Evans Ludos Rebel Novice Buy
Louise Anderson Diancara Novice Buy
Louise Cupitt Energiek N Open Buy
Louise Knock Laurelview Alice Novice Buy
Louise Knock Sassicaia Intro Watch
Louise Rusby Upper Limit Novice Buy
Lucinda Atkinson My Anyika Open Buy
Lucinda Atkinson Prf Jaguar Elite Open Buy
Lucy Robinson Carnsdale Quick Decision Novice Buy
Lucy Robinson Portland Street Intro Buy
Lucy Robinson Dunkerrin Pandora Novice Buy
Lucy Scholl Just Dunnit Open Watch
Lucy Wright Giant Shadow Intro Buy
Lyndsay Long Carra Candy Boy Intro Buy
Lyndsey Hall Rio Phoenix Ii Intro Watch
Maren Fischer Mgh Maureen Open Buy
Mark Braithwait Justin Time Intro Buy
Mark Cavell Sovereign Iii Intro Buy
Mark Cavell Priorspark Playboy Intro Buy
Matthew Hecking Winifred Novice Buy
Megan Sanders Sunshine Scout Novice Buy
Megan Sanders Trengwainton Novice Buy
Meghan Healy Aslan Novice Buy
Melissa Searby Kastaar Novice Buy
Michelle Billington Pick Of The Day Novice Buy
Michelle Fox Pomeins Business Intro Buy
Mirelle Radley Mr Nuggs Novice Buy
Mollie Summerland Charly Van Ter Heiden Open Watch
Natalie Morrell Crummy Snowman Novice Buy
Natasha Brocklehurst Diamond Hill Intro Buy
Natasha Jowitt Villa Billy Intro Watch
Nicole Thackray Ghaicorrie Intro Buy
Nicolette Asher-Forster Mr Delectable Intro Buy
Paul Spencer Final Warning Intro Buy
Penny Hipwell Cool Amberalke Novice Buy
Penny Lawn Bold Impulse Open Buy
Penny Lawn Eye Of The A Tiger Open Buy
Penny Sharpe Forans Sweet Clover Intro Buy
Perdy Humfrey Mullingar Intro Buy
Phil Brown Billy Allstar Open Buy
Phillipa Ward Tipperary William Open Buy
Phillipa Ward Lucy Novice Buy
Pippa Hanley Trevor Novice Buy
Polly Chiverton A Splash Of Paint Novice Buy
Poppy Young Investment Novice Buy
Poppy Young Cartier Volo Intro Buy
Rachael Ward Out Of The Blue Intro Watch
Rachel Holden Chuck Intro Buy
Rebecca Johnson Cat Balou Intro Buy
Rebecca Sisson Magua Novice Buy
Richard Coney Mermus R Diamonds Open Buy
Richard Coney Horatio Dn Open Buy
Robin Fortune Acute Angle Novice Buy
Rochelle Taylor-Smith Proper Charlie Intro Buy
Roger Evans Kilrush Bay Intro Buy
Rosie Rickett Chevalian Special Novice Buy
Rosie Rollinson Mr Sylvester Valentine Open Buy
Ruth Schofield Mariposa Novice Buy
Ryan Fox Edmund Intro Buy
Ryan Fox Justin Stockings Intro Buy
Sally Butler Elle Novice Buy
Sally Chamberlain Chevalian Royal Fire Novice Buy
Sally Gourley Peggy Sue Intro Buy
Sally Hopkins Golden Island Bonnie Novice Buy
Sam Hobbs Trewitten Novice Buy
Sam Hobbs Tregaverne Open Buy
Sammy Oliver Mary S Intro Buy
Sara Bailey Finnally Intro Buy
Sara Bowe Garthfach Whisky Rocks Novice Buy
Sara Bowe Mhs Seventeen Novice Buy
Sarah Colgan Jessop Riomar Novice Buy
Sarah Crompton Echo Breeze Intro Buy
Sarah Duckitt C Louis Le One Open Buy
Sarah Short Samwise Arkansas Novice Buy
Sarah Turner Rhyehill Princess Novice Buy
Scott Wallace Fadolein Intro Buy
Scott Wallace Cvs Barry Bug Novice Buy
Scott Wallace Miserden Royal Occasion Intro Buy
Sharon Nicholas Gallant Ii Novice Buy
Shere Kettlewell Belle Isle Derrg Novice Buy
Sophie Robinson Folie Douce Intro Buy
Sophie Stead Sir Oakleigh Intro Buy
Steve Garrod Ballycoog Guinness Open Buy
Steve Garrod Ufonzo Open Buy
Tina Canton Just A Game Open Buy
Tina Canton Welham Mile High Open Watch
Tina Canton Bannagh Romeo Novice Buy
Tina Canton Owe Two Open Buy
Tina Canton Shannondale Sherlock Intro Buy
Tom Eastwood Tower Equine Kings Ransom Novice Buy
Vicki Raw Mystic Fanfaere Open Buy
Vicki Raw Irish Tea Intro Buy
Vicky Mosley Ricky Novice Buy
Vicky Motley Bon-philija Van De Start Novice Buy
Victoria Dennis Gairdins Ghareeb Novice Buy
Victoria Dennis Galway Bay Gerrard Novice Buy
Victoria Devlin Faerie Fantastic Novice Buy
Victoria Devlin Polly Intro Buy
Victoria Hopkins Contico Intro Buy
Will Clayton Hawksworth Open Buy
Wizz Leyland Bob On Class Novice Buy
Zoe Hennchen Riverside Pippa Open Buy